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How These Experts Started Their Career in Analytics

How These Experts Started Their Career in Analytics

Aurovrata Venet, Director of Analytics at Syllogic 

My PhD in Astrophysics gave me a very good foundation to understand complex problems and have the self-belief to tackle them.  I mastered a widely used mathematical tool called Monte Carlo method to model the evolution of the universe.  This method allowed me to get my first job as a financial analyst in large investment bank in London.  That gave be a base in economics.  I then went on to develop data analysis tools for the European Space Agency which gave me a good insight into large data processing.

I returned to India for the love of the country to work as a business developer for an aircraft company where I was also involved in setting up an ERP system for traceability of products.  This was a good course in manufacturing and sales.  At this point I had all the ingredients to understand BI and its goals.  It is important in any BI work to understand what it is we are seeking, what analysis makes business sense.  I got offered to work alongside the head of Renault-Nissan IT operations in Chennai and take responsibility of economic and technical performance of the centre.  That was my first official BI role.

Ghanashyama Mahanty, SVP, Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights (EMEA) at Citibank NA

I am a researcher got into analytics by accident. I belong to approximately first generation of data scientist group in India - this is the time when KPO revolution at its early stage.

While I was doing my Ph.D. with Delhi University I was offered a position by American Express Global Service Centre to develop fraud and credit decisioning framework for the bank card portfolio for US and international markets. Subsequently I had a short stint, in a similar kind of role, in Citi for ASIA region followed by a full-fledged marketing analytics role that I perform currently. 

Sudarshan Gangrade, Head of Analytics at 

I was working with an FMCG company in Sales-Marketing. I felt there was a huge need for marketing analytics and decided to join Marketics – a boutique Marketing Analytics consulting firm based out of Bangalore. Since then, the field has continued to grow phenomenally and become more interesting by the day!



Prahallad Rout, Founder at Pvalue Analytics

My career started with Data Management operations wherein I learnt about purpose, form, modes of Insight generation process and that dragged me deeper into it. I took up a post-graduation Business Mgmt course to pursue a formal approach towards the same. My long and enduring association with MR profession and the passion towards contributing to Insights value chain are the drivers for me to be in analytics.

Gayatri Choda, Head of Analytics at Mediamind

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I have done my Masters in Business Administration from Illinois Institute. For the internship, I had an opportunity to work with a Fortune 50 Investment bank with their fund analysis team. From there, my professional journey has really crossed the globe with analytics as core strength shifting from finance to marketing.

Suman Singh, GM Analytics at Fiserv India

I started my career in Research and Analytics as a Researcher on a project funded by the Department of Science & Technology at Indian Agriculture Statistics Research Institute. Subsequent to that, I worked with the Research and Analytics department of  Marketics Technologies, Bangalore.

Laveesh Bhandari, Director at Indicus Analytics

By default! We were conducting economic analysis and econometric modeling for economic policy institutions initially.  Analytics just showed up spontaneously.

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