How This Bangalore-Based MedTech Startup Is Using Computer Vision To Provide Ayurvedic Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare sector is expected to reach US$ 372 billion in India by 2022, driven by rising incomes, greater healthcare awareness, lifestyle diseases, and increasing access to insurance. Eventually, there will be a higher demand for solutions that connect everyday actions to health outcomes. For instance, what we eat or our lifestyle may essentially be coupled with awareness, and thus, there will be greater participation of technology in staying healthier.

With such a vision, Bangalore-based MedTech startup, FindMyHealth has been working with an artificial intelligence (AI) engine for selfie analysis and recommendation engine for connecting users with relevant health herbs, food and lifestyle. Founded by Gaurav Bhalotia in 2018, FindMyHealth is a platform (mobile web) that uses AI to create personalized, preventive, and Ayurvedic healthcare solutions. 

The Flagship Product

“FindMyHealth started with a vision to give individuals control over their health, helping them stay healthier and helping them recover quicker.”

– Gaurav Bhalotia, Founder of FindMyHealth

FindMyHealth has several functions integrated into its system. It is a framework for remote assessment, and also provides AI-driven recommendations and doorstep delivery of herbal supplements. With a unique, patented technology on computer vision for selfie health analysis, the platform assesses one’s constitution. It also determines the user by probing into multiple dimensions of health with a series of questions, and based on the assessment result, creates a personalized ayurvedic supplement in the form of pills, combining herbs relevant to an individual’s health.

FindMyHealth allows users to get a peek into their inner health, based on an Ayurvedic framework of what health is. It starts with a face selfie analysis to identify the body constitution and gauge visual ageing and obesity. This is followed by a conversation with our AI doctor to determine the state of the inner functional health. This is used to generate a detailed health fingerprint of the user and identify recommendations for herbs, foods and a healthy lifestyle.

How FindMyHealth Utilises AI/ML

The company uses deep learning-based Computer Vision algorithms for selfie analysis and video analysis algorithms. According to Gaurav, they have multiple prediction engines which are built for images. The model is fed with relevant knowledge from Ayurvedic texts and is represented in a multi-dimensional inference network, which is used by the recommendation engine to connect health analysis to herb, food and lifestyle recommendations. The company has also designed a conversational state machine that can contextually execute actions and act on events.

The Core Tech Stack

FindMyHealth uses microservices architecture, with services deployed on Azure cloud extensively, using the available platform services for computing, storage, caching and load balancing. At the backend, the company also uses a mix of Kotlin, Python and Node.js. At the front-end, it uses ReactJS.

All the deployments are dockerized and sit behind a continuous deployment pipeline. Gaurav said, “We use cutting edge front-end features and best practices like server-side rendering to deliver performant applications. Another example is the offline-first approach for our doctor app, which allows our applications to work in slow, unreliable network scenarios.” He added, “We use Postgres as a database, and with Kotlin, we use exposed ORM which is customized to support complex SQL types. We love meta-programming and use it to reduce redundant code.”

How Is This Product Different From Others In The Market?

To this question, Gaurav replied that personalization is the distinctive benefit of their AI model. This technique enables the company to identify the unique health situation of an individual and connect them to appropriate targeted actions drawn from the wisdom of Ayurveda and other natural methods. The other distinct feature of their product is that everything at FindMyHealth can be done in a non-invasive manner and remotely on the app

Tackling Hiring Phase  

When it comes to hiring, what does the company look for? Besides domain expertise, candidates are assessed on their attitude, motivation, adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Potential Competitors

According to Gaurav, other potential players in the space are those that are trying to create a new-age brand for Ayurvedic supplements. This includes 1balance that delivers personalized supplements. Others include Jiva Ayurveda, Dr Vaidya’s, Cureveda, Organic India, etc. There are also other players like NadiTarangini and Ayurythm that are building technologies for Ayurvedic assessments of individuals.


The future roadmap of FindMyHealth includes working on personalised diet plans driven by AI models and is Ayurveda-compliant. The company is also working towards building a symptom checker based on Ayurvedic theory. This will provide an idea of disease progression, as well as enable ways for individuals to get connected to Ayurvedic advice over chat and online quickly.

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