How This Bangalore-Based Startup Is Helping Professionals to Optimise The Design Process

“We provide India’s largest 3D prototyping-built volume and can print any model from simple to complex designs.” – Reethan Doijode, Co-Founder of HyCube.

Innovative hardware and IoT startups are gaining more attention and becoming mainstream in India as many ventures are actively looking to develop and assemble their products from scratch. Along with this, 3D printing has gained popularity globally because of the diverse applications it offers. The technique is also gaining prevalence in India as large organisations are leveraging it for research and development and making end-user applications.

With a similar vision, Bangalore-based HyCube Works started their innovative approach towards product development using cutting-edge technology. For this week’s feature, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Reethan Doijode to gain more insights on the 3D technology and how HyCube Works delivers these products for utilisation.

Founded in 2018 by Reethan Doijode and Shreyas SP, HyCube Works is a rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing company that aims to deliver tested and refined products for the world to utilise.

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Flagship Product

HyCube Works is involved in direct digital manufacturing solutions, sales, and service of desktop and industrial-grade ALPI series of 3D printers and rapid prototyping services, with the ultimate goal of creating complex parts and handholding designers to validate designs and develop various parts for end-use applications. 

The ALPI series of 3D printer, designed and fabricated at the research facility enables various industries and professionals to optimise the design process. According to Reethan, HyCube Works’ ALPI series of 3D printers are the real game-changing choice, with the highest levels of plug and print reliability and repeatability.

HyCube Works manufactures state-of-the-art industrial-grade, desktop and customised 3D printers that are reliable, superior in quality, cost-effective and user-friendly. The company also provides prototyping services for divisions mainly concentrating on product development, automobile, architecture, medical, engineering, interior décor, R&D, educational and for hobbyists.

Use Of AI & ML At HyCube Works

According to Reethan, 3D printing is a game-changing technology, which is constantly evolving and finding new ways to improve the manufacturing industry. Today, it includes new amazing technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT, a combination of artificial intelligence and 3D printing could lead to new applications of the additive manufacturing technology. 

“Our AI-based 3D printing technology, with a smart extruder, allows detecting any problems while 3D printing. It is also able to make autonomous decisions with notification,” Reethan said. 

“In order to 3D print your project, you will be required to work on your 3D model using CAD software. But, AI will assist in these 3D modelling programs to help you create the best 3D printable products for testing and endue. Thanks to IoT, now we can control the ALPI 3D printers remotely, verify the 3D printing temperature, turning “ON” and “OFF” with real-time monitoring from any corner of the world. IoT and 3D printing are two important new technologies, which progressively impact a lot of areas of the industries and also our everyday life,” he added.

What Is The One Thing That Sets HyCube Works?

To this question, Reethan replied that HyCube Works stands out by offering industrial quality at a consumer price. Big, medium and small corporations are buying 3D printers for internal R&D work globally.

HyCube Works focuses on consumer experience/service as well as the ALPI series of the 3D printers to deliver the highest quality, reliability, and repeatability. Besides, they offer on the spot customer services and provide superior print quality through their customised assembly. 

Tackling Talent Crunch

Talking about hiring, Reethan said, “We conduct technical sessions in various institutions through which we give an opportunity to youngsters and professionals who have the quality of problem-solving, they work or intern with us until we explore the core knowledge and join the team.”

Future Roadmap

HyCube Works is delivering low-volume manufacturing capabilities to its customers leveraging on its digital manufacturing back-end. In the coming year, the company has various upcoming products in the pipeline for bio-medical and metal manufacturing across various industry verticals, researching and developing disruptive applications that are more reliable and productive for rapid prototyping.

Ambika Choudhury
A Technical Journalist who loves writing about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. A lover of music, writing and learning something out of the box.

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