How This Israel-Based Startup Develops AI Software To Fix Device Malfunctions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are two rapidly emerging and evolving technologies that are finding their way into myriad new information-based applications. In simple words, both AI and IoT play a vital role where connected and smart homes are concerned. Armies of smart devices participate in IoT to facilitate digital capabilities contributing vast volumes of data to AI frameworks, which then provides intelligence for greater functionality. 

The rate of expansion of connected homes, where people are now using 20+ smart devices, has been witnessing exponential growth. Organisations, customer experience groups, marketing and other departments, however, cannot possibly grasp it without utilising heavy AI.

To mitigate such challenges, Israel-based startup, Veego, has been utilising AI, ML and IoT to diminish malfunctions in connected homes by autonomously discovering and resolving problems before subscribers even experience them.


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Founded in 2018 in the high-tech corridor of Israel, the founders of the company are Amir Kotler (CEO), Reffael Caspi (CPO), and Denis Sirov (CTO). Veego is a VC-backed venture with $5.6M funding to date, from Robert Bosch Venture Capital, SOMV, N1V and, most recently, Amdocs.

Veego develops AI software for telcos, broadband providers, and smart tech firms globally to automatically identify and fix malfunctions that prevent IoT devices/smart devices from working properly. The tech locates problems throughout the internet infrastructure and in connected homes to improve the customer experience.

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Flagship Product

The company continuously discovers all the connected devices and services executing in each home, endowing ISPs with visibility into subscriber behaviour and experience. In real-time, Veego automatically detects problems, analyses their root cause, and often performs auto-resolution without the subscriber even having to be aware of.  

According to the founders, when the ISP Customer Care intervention is required, Veego promptly feeds accurate analyses to CSRs, enabling efficient communications with subscribers and speedy first-call resolution that saves considerable time and money. 

How This Product Is Different In The Market

To this question, the founders replied that a Veego is a holistic solution with software that resides unobtrusively in the home router as well as in the cloud, where IoT data is analysed in real-time and intelligence is relayed back to the router.

They added, “Veego uniquely “sees” across the entire Service Delivery Chain, i.e., the connected devices, the home network, the router, the WAN (internet) and the cloud server (e.g., Netflix, Spotify, Zoom, Xbox Gaming Services, etc.), and accordingly detects and addresses problems occurring anywhere along the chain. ”

Use of AI and ML at Veego

Talking about the utilisation of AI and ML techniques, the company uses some of the popular and trending techniques such as multi-class classification, complex regression, synthetic data generations, digital signal processing prediction, classification algorithms, anomaly detection, parametric learning of setups and more.

They further mentioned some of the important machine learning algorithms and models that the company uses such as decision trees, autoencoders, generative models, deep learning for discrete and sequential data, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and low resource convolutions.

Core Tech Stack

At the core tech stack, the company uses popular tools such as C++ and Python programming languages. For hardware, they use Nvidia GPUs and TPUs, for cloud computing, they use Amazon Web services, and other tools such as Pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Plotly, Scikit-Learn, CUDA, among others. 

Tackling Hiring Phase 

To this, the founders said that the focus is on people who want to tackle big problems with the potential to make a big impact in a gigantic market that affects virtually everybody in the world. “In short, we like to find brilliant, experienced people who want to change the world for billions of users. If that doesn’t turn them on, they don’t belong here,” said Amir.


“Being a relatively new company, we are still working on our first five-year plans. The plan includes establishing a foothold with router providers and the ISPs that deploy them globally,” said Reffael. Further down the line, Denis said that the distribution strategy will include the addition of distributor and retail channels through an expanded base of partners.

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