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How This Mumbai-Based Startup Is Using AI/ML To Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Life

How This Mumbai-Based Startup Is Using AI/ML To Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Life

The global power battery management system (BMS) market is predicted to touch $6,564.6 million at a 10% CAGR over the forecast period (2017-2023). In India, government policies, advancements in renewable energy and various other relevant factors are playing a major role in accelerating the transition to the all-electric future.    

With such a vision, Mumbai-based startup ION Energy is utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to build technologies that improve the life and performance of lithium-ion batteries which power electric vehicles and energy storage systems. 

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Founded in 2016, ION Energy is an advanced battery management and intelligence platform. It was founded by Akhil Aryan and Alexandre Collet. The company has significant operations arched in India as well as in Grenoble in France. Currently, the company is empowering 40+ organizations in 12 countries, including SE Asia, North America and Europe (Germany, France, UK, Poland, Austria, Sweden).  

As advanced battery management and intelligence platform provider, ION is focused on building technologies that improve the life and performance of lithium-ion batteries used inside of electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It also leverages advanced electronics and software that accelerates the effort of engineering teams. 

Flagship Product

ION Energy has pioneered a cloud-hosted battery lifecycle management platform, known as Edison Analytics which is designed to improve performance and extend the life of Lithium-ion batteries. Edison leverages battery data, software analytics and AI to remotely monitor, predict and improve battery life. 

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According to Aryan, in order to build Edison Analytics, the company has invented a new approach to battery management and lifecycle management. They are called the “Trinity of Battery Life” which has at its core the 3 E’s that impact battery life which is entity, environment, and experience. It enables mobility fleet owners (shared mobility companies) like Ola and Uber, that are incorporating EVs into their fleet to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO). It is also used by automotive OEMs designing EVs and battery-pack makers to deliver exceptionally better user experience with remote service, support, and extended warranties. 

Use of AI/ML

Edison uses battery data, blends advanced electronics and adds a layer of intelligence with Data Science, Machine Learning and Digital Twin technology to determine, predict and exceptionally improve the life of lithium-ion batteries. 

It uses real-time simulations and visualisations to accelerate deployment speed, data analytics to improve uptime, and machine learning to improve battery life. It also ingests and analyses datasets from application and environment to identify what factors are contributing to abnormal degradation of health and what is their magnitude of contribution.

Tech Stack

Talking about the technology side, Aryan said that the cross-functional battery management systems (BMS) – FS-CT, FS-LT, and FS-XT are built for a myriad of applications which include Light Electric Vehicles, Solar Street Lights, Electric 2 and 3 Wheelers, Telecom and UPS, Home Storage, Electric Vehicles – Cars, Trucks and Grid Storage. The full-stack approach blends advanced electronics, machine learning software and AI with deep domain expertise in energy storage.  

Talent Crunch

Currently, the team strength is around 40 and has an opening of 25+ positions. Talking about the hiring phase, Aryan said that the company is looking for talent with deep domain expertise in the EV and energy storage space that would fit in well with the company’s culture.  


ION aims to rapidly expand its global operations and spread its footprint to 20+ countries. Furthermore, ION has set a $1 million revenue goal by 2020 and plans to establish new branches in the USA and Bangalore. Apart from global operational expansion, ION is also focusing on enhancing its current strength of the country’s brightest electronics and software engineering talent to power and meet its goal of an all-electric future. 

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