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How This Swedish Techie Used AI To Generate Quirky And Authentic-Looking DJ Names

How This Swedish Techie Used AI To Generate Quirky And Authentic-Looking DJ Names

The contribution of artificial intelligence in the creative field is increasing each day. Now, in an interesting experiment by Berlin-based producer and photographer Olle Holmberg, he has used AI to come up with a list of quirky and interesting names which can be used by DJs. 

AI Creates 231 DJ Names

You may ask any music artist, one of the biggest parts of the creative process of becoming a renowned artist is your stage name, and AI is helping big time creating that name for artists.

Have you heard of these DJs — Rogardo Mackor, Romeson, Gom Yorra? No? That’s okay, as these very believable names are fake and are generated by an AI programme. 

Holmberg, who is the follower of Hard Wax, one of the world's leading shops for cutting-edge electronic dance music, built and trained an AI programme that generated DJ names using all the names found on Hard Wax’s web store. Talking about a number, the AI created 231 names taking reference from the website.

Some of the names from the 231 AI created DJ names are Andrey Williama & Sessel Dao Les, Rogardo Mackor, Ros Williem, Ros OcRo & Rub Manceke, Dovinik, Sounds, Dov Of Ank and Plabesio Risoul Kmag etc.

Talking about tools and techniques, Holmberg used data scraping and analysis shell scripting, python, TensorFlow, Keras etc. Also, Holmberg believes that the publicly facing large dataset of Hard Wax is somehow representative of a certain style of music, and that is what fascinates him to come up with this kind of AI projects.

In fact, this is not the first time Holmberg has done such a project. Before this, the Berlin-based techie and music enthusiast has scraped the site to create a list of the DJs who’ve played the Berlin techno institution most often between the years of 2009 and 2017.

Some Of The Use Cases Of AI In The Music Industry

If we look at the use cases of AI in the music industry, it’s incredible. A YouTube band known as Dadabots has been live streaming for infinity a death metal song called Relentless Doppelganger.  The idea behind this was first outlined in a 2018 paper by two grads from Berklee College of Music Zack Zukowski and CJ Carr. And the motive was to show how machine learning can drive new types of music software and make music making easy for artists.

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That is not the only instance where AI has proved its worth in the music industry; in 2017 an American singer-songwriter, Taryn Southern created a ballad song Break Free and the surprising thing about this song is that it is entirely produced by an Artificial Intelligence. Not only the song but Southern went on to create an entire album named “I AM AI” which is the first LP to be entirely composed and produced using Artificial Intelligence.

To make the song, Southern used an open source AI platform called Amper Music. To make a song, she plugs in the genre, the instruments she wants to use, and beats per minute. And that platform would churn out verses that can be rearranged into a song, and layered beneath Southern’s vocals. Today, there are several other apps and tools like Amper music that can make music.

Wrapping Up

AI is absolutely on a spree to make this world a better place. However, there are people who believe that technology like AI will take the essence out of music and also make human jobs obsolete. But if we are a little optimistic and see, there is a flipside that shows AI is for the good. And the recent instances of AI playing a vital role in the industry is almost enough to show that there is a  whole new world in the future where AI and humans can coexist and make beautiful music together.

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