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How To Create A Compelling Cover Letter To Land A Data Science Job

How To Create A Compelling Cover Letter To Land A Data Science Job

Despite the demand, looking for a data science job can be a tough battle to fight for many, especially for beginners. Alongside with this COVID pandemic outbreak, the majority of the companies are now critical of hiring new employees for apparent reasons, and thus are deploying rigorous recruitment processes to pick the best amid this competitive crowd. And therefore for professionals who are willing to make a career in this field need to understand that writing a cover letter is as critical of a step in their job search journey, as it is to create a comprehensive resume.

It is believed that a cover letter can make or break the career of a data scientist looking for a job. Not only does it provide a first impression of the candidate to the recruiters but also helps the professionals stand out amid the crowd with a professional letter of introduction. 


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Although it seems easy, only the data science professionals can understand how messy and daunting this task can be. What’s worse is that none of these data scientists is a professional writer, thus requiring help in creating a convincing side letter. That is why, in this article, we will focus on how to create a compelling data science cover letter to secure an interview in this field.

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Intro Is The Key: Include The Passion For Data Science 

As they say, the first impression is the last, so the introduction is always the key to a well-crafted cover letter. Rather than starting the cover letter with a name or the years of experience, a compelling cover letter should begin with a strong opening, highlighting the motivation to work in the company. 

Recruiters usually get thousands of applications every day. Therefore, one should write an introduction that can stay memorable in the recruiters’ mind and make the candidate stand out right from the first sentence. For data science roles, one can highlight the passion for data science or tell a creative data project that one has worked one. A good intro will also set the tone of the letter, and thus can be critical to get this one right.

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Don’t Make It Sound Like The Resume: Include Key Projects & Ability To Work In Data Science

One critical mistake typically done by data scientists is to think of a cover letter as their resume. In a resume, candidates mention their education, work experience etc. However, in a cover letter, candidates need to showcase their interest and ability to work for the specified role. 

The job of the cover letter is to let the recruiters know the exceptional ability that candidates have and how they can be fruitful for the company, for instance, how you have applied the skills in previous projects, your storytelling capabilities and more. A comprehensive cover letter enhances the chances of young professionals to land on an interview and showcase a twist to the boring resumes. Cover letters are the perfect way for data scientists to talk about one project in-depth; or their experience in managing data or solving business problems.

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Be Concise & Easy To Read

A cover letter is imperative for candidates to highlight themselves beyond their resume; however, making it lengthy and tedious will defeat the purpose. Data scientists, engineers, statisticians, as well as analysts don’t consider writing as their forte, and thus keeping it concise is not only advantageous but also easy. Data science candidates should make their cover letters brief, and to the point, wherein a few paragraphs, they can explain the reason for their passion for the job role; and how their skills are relevant. One should have a set angle in mind to write an introduction letter, and should only focus on the relevant experience. 

Quantifying those relevant accomplishments with data is also critical for data scientists, as numbers are essential in this profession. It is believed that a cover letter should not be more than a pager, else will have the chances of disinteresting the recruiters. To draft all critical pointers in one page can be a bit challenging, and that is why candidates must plan their content of the letter to stay in line.

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Customise Cover Letters According To The Job Role

Building on the previous point, one also needs to customise their cover letters according to the job role and company involved. Even though this might sound tiring for data scientists and engineers, sharing a generic cover letter or the ones picked up from the sample letter online are easily detectable by recruiters. 

Data science candidates must read through the specific job description and should write how they and their skills are relevant to the role. One should also highlight the skills and knowledge that makes them more qualified than the other candidates. Furthermore, candidates can also do a bit of their research to figure out the company and their business which can help them create a cover letter customised for that specific role.

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Create An Effective Closing Paragraph

As much as a powerful intro is critical to set the tone, having a hard-hitting closing paragraph will also place the candidate in a good position among recruiters. The closing paragraphs are the last chance for data science candidates to highlight their relevancy and thus should be taken with utmost importance. 

Data science cover letters should have a sharp and professional ending instead of a vague and philosophical one. Data scientists can also end their cover letter with a demand for an interview, with enough reasoning as to why the candidate is the excellent hire for the job. One can even add up the testimonials from their ex-employers, clients, etc., in their postscript for recruiters to have a better understanding of their capability.

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Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • The cover letter should communicate the ability of the candidate to fit in the organisation and do multi-tasks beyond the job description.
  • Data scientists usually work in a corporate environment, and thus the cover letter should be extremely professional and avoid errors and typos at any cost.

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