How To Get Started With MachineHack, A Data Scientist’s Destination For Competitions & Practise

Machine Hack

MachineHack does not need an introduction. It has already become a favourite destination for the young Data Science and Machine Learning aspirants within a short period of time.

As a brainchild of Analytics India Magazine, a media portal that is dedicated to expanding and promoting the Data and Analytics community in India, MachineHack is a necessary platform for anyone who thinks analytics or machine learning is for them.

Closing on to its second successful year, MachineHack is a growing platform with a mission to support the ever-growing data science community and to help young aspirants learn and improve their skills in the field of analytics.

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MachineHack is not just about writing code, it also delves deeper into analytics by hosting challenges that are unique and are spread across the entire domain. The Visualization Is Beautiful series is such a series of hackathons dedicated to producing better data visualization experts.

Getting Started With MacineHack Competitions

MachineHack is known for simplicity in user interactions. Just Sign Up with your email, get a confirmation mail, activate your account and you are all ready to go. MachineHack currently has 18 hackathons out of which four are Data Visualization challenges. 

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Choosing A Hackathon

If you have a definite plan on upskilling, choosing a specific hackathon can be simple. Reading the problem description will give you all the details required on understanding the problem statement, the evaluation metrics and a basic idea to approaching it. There are hackathons on a variety of Machine Learning problems such as Regression, Classification and Computer Vision which the users can choose to participate in.  

MachineHacks Top Performing Hackathons:

Hackathons On Regression:
Hackathons On Classification:
Hackathons On Computer Vision:

MachineHack For Data Science Noobs

Are you someone who has nothing more than a basic idea of Data Science but wants to choose it as the path to your wonderful career? Are you someone familiar with all the machine learning algorithms but have no clue on implementing it in Python? Are you someone who is totally starting out on Data Science or Machine Learning? MachineHack has the solution for you.

With the new practise sessions, any noob (read: newbie) can instantly start coding and implement Machine Learning algorithms in Python effortlessly. In a non-intimidating approach to Machine learning, the practise session allows you to get familiar with complicated mathematical algorithms in Machine Learning with example codes. The practice session is intended to express the simplicity in implementing Machine Learning algorithms.

Once you get familiar with the code, the algorithm and its use cases, jump on to our hackathons to test your knowledge and implement it right away.

Here are the top Practice sessions on MachineHack:

Connecting Techies

MachineHack also has a dedicated discussion forum for each and every hackathon where users can post their queries or doubts and get it answered by fellow participants. An opportunity to connect with other participants and learn.

Any technical issues will also be cleared by the technical team at MachineHack, all you need to do is post a message in the discussion forum or sent an email to

Not to mention the grand summits organised by Analytics India Magazine. Currently running 4 grand summits a year starting with Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS), The Rising, The MachineCon and Cypher. Each hackathon in Machinehack gives its participants an opportunity to attend one of these grand summits – a great opportunity to connect with brilliant minds in the field. 

Check out the upcoming MLDS 2020 summit here.

Build Your Portfolio

MachineHack gives you a unique opportunity to build and promote your own portfolio, all you have to do is prove your skills in any of its hackathons and Analytics India Magazine will publish a story about you and your approach in solving the problem.

Submitting Your First Solution

If you wish to get your Data Scientist dream jump-started, MachineHack is the right place for you. Start by signing up, pick a hackathon and submit your solution. Follow the steps below to solve your first MachineHack hackathon and be part of the growing community.

Step 1: Head to and sign up. You will receive a confirmation email, once you get it, activate your account and sign in to MachineHack.

Step 2: Click on Hackathons to browse through the different hackathons.

Step 3: Pick a hackathon to participate.

Step 4: Start the hackathon

Step 5: Read the rules and confirm.

Step 5: Get the datasets

Step 6: Solve the hackathon

Depending on the type of hackathon, build a predictive model. Analytics India Magazine has numerous amount of resources to get you started with any of the hackathons with its dedicated Developers Corner. Check out the below link for cracking the latest hackathon.

Step-By-Step Guide To Cracking MachineHack’s Predict The Book Price Hackathon

Step 7: Submit your solution

Select your file, upload it, give it a comment to distinguish your latest submission and click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT to submit your solution.

Step 8: Check your score on the hackathon leaderboard

MachineHack provides everything that a data scientist who’s just starting out would need to upskill and become an expert. With exciting new hackathons launching regularly, MachineHack aims to be the best platform for anyone who wishes to have a career in the Machine Learning and Data Science domain.

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