How To Network Better At An Online Conference

How To Network Better At An Online Conference

Networking is one thing that distinguishes an in-person event from virtual conferences, where in-person events provide numerous opportunities for attendees to reach out to speakers, business leaders, and potential employers, virtual conferences provide less convenience for attendees to gather and interact. However, plugin is one such online conference on artificial intelligence and data science that features all the aspects of an in-person event, even networking.

plugin is a distinctive online conference, hosted by AIM, that aims to bring in the experts from the data science industry to talk about the competitive field as well as the cutting-edge innovations. Scheduled on 28-29th of May 2020, plugin will host more than 1000 attendees from 200+ organisations and will have 70+ speakers across three tracks talking about the industry and the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence, computer vision, cybersecurity etc.

plugin, not only allows attendees to learn from the best brains of the industry but also provides ample opportunities to network with speakers, sponsors, exhibitors as well as other attendees. Here, we will share a few ways you can network better at the plugin.

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Live Q&A At plugin

One of the main advantages of plugin is to provide the experience of an in-person event in a virtual setting at the comfort of your home. With plugin’s live question and answers’ session, attendees can easily connect with speakers and panellists after their talk ends. These live Q&A will provide attendees with the opportunities to better understand complex topics by interacting with leaders and speakers about their subjects. During these live sessions, attendees can also exchange ideas and knowledge as well as foster debate with other attendees. In plugin, attendees can even live stream the entire session remotely or on-demand once the session ends. Live Q&A sessions also provide opportunities for attendees to leave feedback on a session, which will help leaders, speakers and panellists to improve their talks.

Speaker Lounge

plugin also features a ‘speaker lounge’ where attendees can connect with other attendees during and in-between sessions. Along with that, attendees can also uncover speakers’ profiles prior to their session, view speakers’ details, speakers’ presentations, and information about their sessions. These information are easily available during in-person events, however, it becomes a challenge when you are attending an event remotely, but plugin’s speaker lounge makes it easy for attendees to avail all these information on one platform. At plugin, with the help of the speaker lounge, attendees can also rate speakers and provide feedback, bookmark them and take notes, just like in-person conferences.

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Match-Making & Networking

Another exciting feature of the plugin event is the match-making and networking possibilities, which allows attendees to view, search, filter and sort other attendees, just like in-person events. This feature provides opportunities to interact with all attendees at the conference. Taking it up a notch, plugin also enables guests to bookmark attendees to talk to them later; this feature can also be utilised by speakers to discuss potential collaboration with specific guests. Alongside, plugin allows attendees and guests to set up meetings at available time slots of an attendee or a speaker, and also have the facility to accept, reject as well as reschedule the meetings. This feature helps attendees to have a smoother networking process with other attendees. In order to stay abreast about the event, plugin also suggests top 10 attendees that one should meet to grow their knowledge base.

Chat Rooms

The feature of chat rooms at plugin has been designed to completely transform the virtual conference into a more meaningful in-person experience; and also an essential feature. These chat rooms at plugin allow attendees to do impromptu meetings by grabbing a seat at the virtual networking lounge. The chat rooms allow four people for a single meeting, which helps speakers and panellists to address more than one attendees at a time. At plugin, attendees can also join in an existing chat room with a click of a button to understand discussions better. plugin also has dedicated chatrooms for sponsors and exhibitors. Attendees can also create one-on-one chat rooms to have a more personalised session with speakers and business leaders. This can be an excellent opportunity for attendees to interact with potential employers for future job prospects. 

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Another way attendees can network better at plugin, is by joining in the contests and hackathons that are being organised during the conference. plugin will host all-night machine learning hackathons that will help attendees to showcase their skills and network with other participants and jury members. Analytics India Magazine is known for organising online hackathons — MachineHack, and therefore, will provide immense opportunities for attendees of plugin to join in these events. Alongside, plugin will also host different contests and will allow all attendees to choose a winner basis engagement, which will later be showcased on the app. These contests and hackathons provide a unique platform to interact, share knowledge as well as build a strong bond with peers.

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Sejuti Das
Sejuti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine (AIM). Reach out at

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