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How Unscrambl’s Big Data Solution Helped Save $10 Million In Proactive Customer Care

How Unscrambl’s Big Data Solution Helped Save $10 Million In Proactive Customer Care

Founders from left to right: Henrique Andrade, Vibhore Kumar, Niket Vaidya, Anand Ranganathan, Buğra Gedik (Absent from image)

Founded in Atlanta and headquartered in Singapore, Unscrambl has marked itself as one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies at the forefront of developing decision AI and conversational AI products.

Working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, it is enabling businesses to transform the way they are using data to empower their workforce. Helping them adopt Citizen Data Scientists’ ML and AI-powered approaches, they are facilitating analytical tools for them to make meaningful decisions.


Currently 10-people strong with data scientists, data analysts and data miners, the Unscrambl team is growing their delivery centre in Pune to help next-gen data scientists and engineers to solve complex real-world problems. The founders believe that business users and decision-makers need to realise that AI is not a tool but a technology enabler that can empower enterprise to achieve more. It was founded by a bunch of tech-driven professionals Anand Ranganathan, Buğra Gedik, Henrique Andrade, Niket Vaidya and Vibhore Kumar.

Analytics India Magazine got in touch Vibhore Kumar to get the insides of the company, their product offerings, plan to grow in India and more.

What Is Unscrambl?

As enterprises are treading down the big data path, they are looking to uncover actionable insights from it. While the traditional way has been to access big data by querying it or visualising it in different forms, this method is limited to the degree that user has to figure out what they are looking for before finding the answer.

At Unscrambl, they are building a platform that automatically analyses big data to serendipitously discover insights. As the company says, they take some basic hints from the kind of data at disposal and user’s topic of interest to answer questions they never knew they had before.

They are a group of big data systems, analytics and business fanatics who believe that this is the final frontier of computing intelligence.

“The company is at the forefront of a new type of analytics and BI paradigm that allows any user to ask text questions of their data to a bot and receive back a natural language and visual analysis of the most statistically relevant and actionable insight for that user,” shares Kumar. He further adds that they make it easy for enterprises to embark on their AI journey with their conversational AI framework ‘CHAI’ which enables real-time customer lifecycle management through Chatbot Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer onboarding
  • Contextual retention activities, and
  • Personalised offers/recommendations

Unique Offerings By Unsrambl

Unscrambl’s flagship product DRIVE provides Operationalised insights to enable real-time decision automation and support for E2E marketing automation and customer engagement by leveraging multiple technologies such as augmented analytics, event stream processing, optimisation, business rule management, and proprietary machine learning algorithms.

The underlying technology has a Streaming analytics engine that can ingest various kinds of internal and external datasets in real-time, to create rich profiles of customers and other entities in-memory, predict their future behaviour, define and execute the next best actions for a range of use cases.  It incorporates automated machine learning in all stages and continuously improves the profiles and the decisions based on feedback and new observations.

“We have delivered incremental value to our ‘lead’ customers including the largest communications service providers across North America, Middle East and APAC, Regional Banking players in ASEAN,” shares Kumar. He pointed out numbers as below:

  • $10 million in savings through proactive customer care
  • 70 million customer profiles targeted for automated and real-time contextual marketing
  • Reducing network device outages by six times — from 3.5 hours down to 25 mins

Their unique offerings are empowered by a strong technology team that boasts the likes of PhDs and researchers from IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center and others. They have a strong team of big data engineers, data scientists and domain experts working to offer best-in-class experience. “As a pioneering enterprise in the AI technology and analytics space, we believe Unscrambl has a responsibility to identify and nurture the top talent to work with some of the most innovative individuals and enterprises in the world,” shares Kumar.

The Big Data Analytics Solution By Unscrambl And Use Cases

Kumar shares that their Natural Language capable product answers allow users to speak the language of their business to explore their data, discover serendipitous insights, and add value through actionable outcomes. It delivers conversational, contextual intelligence by marrying together natural language processing, machine learning, analytics and natural language and chart generation.

“It can connect to a variety of enterprise systems including databases, data warehouses and Big Data lakes, and provide a single interface for analysts, managers or executives to ask questions, explore data and get business intelligence in an easy manner from data in different sources,” shares Kumar.

Highlight some use cases Kumar shares that Unscrambl is working with enterprises in different industries to solve real-time analytics use cases, including banking, insurance, healthcare, aviation, telecommunications and retail. For instance in banking, it is used for stimulating credit card usage, cross-selling other banking products and assisting customers in emergency situations. Their chatbot also helps in onboarding customers, assisting in claims and checking account information.

For telcos, they help in driving top-up revenue, increasing data usage, reducing churn and assisting customers with troubleshooting and other issues. Whereas for airlines they assist in optimising passenger transit and connections, monitoring and optimising pre-takeoff activities and forecasting potential crowding and other issues at the airport.

Unravelling The Cognitive Decision Making Through AI

Kumar believes that Ai is still in its infancy. “There is a lot of ambiguity about which technologies will serve enterprises and customers in the most effective and affordable way. More importantly, we see AI as a leveller for less technologically mature enterprises to leapfrog their way ahead of the competition by breaking traditional approaches to the adoption of technology,” he says.

He further adds that to reach ‘prime’  status, AI-driven cognitive decision making needs to close the loop between Information + Decision + Action. “We believe the most effective approach to realising this vision is to augment human intelligence with machine intelligence and empower enterprises to make smarter decisions. Embedding AI across every business function will allow people to drive meaningful outcomes in small and big ways,” he shares.

Growth Story

Aiming to be the go-to AI partner for leading banks and telecom operators across APAC and Middle-East, Unscrambl is aiming to empower all the major industries. A part of Oracle startup cloud accelerator programme (OSCA), the startup attributes it for the success it has achieved.

“OSCA has been instrumental in shaping the way Unscrambl is designing and developing its platform and suite of AI products to make it easier for enterprises to adopt and integrate with existing technology investments they have made with Oracle, and/or leverage the benefits of Oracle Cloud to power their tech aspirations,” shares Kumar.

Funded by Silicon Valley-based Mosaik Partners and having completed Series A so far, they are looking to close Series B by 2020 to support their plans to enter new markets and drive new product development.

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