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How Will Various Enterprises Be Impacted By India’s Global AI Alliance

India recently entered the global alliance for AI (GPAI) with countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and others to ensure that AI is used responsibly. Bringing the industry, government and academia together, it will oversee the evolution of AI and develop methodologies to show how AI can be leveraged to better react to global issues. 

A first of its kind initiative, GPAI aims to better understand the challenges and opportunities around AI while leveraging the experience and diversity of participating countries. It is essentially aimed at closing the gap between theory and practice on AI by leveraging cutting-edge research and applied action on AI-related objectives. With four working groups on responsible AI, the future of work, data governance, and commercialisation and innovation, it is going to transform the way a lot of industries work. 


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“With this GPAI platform, India leverages the learnings of the various other member countries in this forum and learns from their adaptation of AI technologies for social upliftment. India’s own National AI Strategy and Portal that has been recently launched will also hugely benefit from this global platform and further our progress in the effort of empowering the citizens of this country and bringing about truly inclusive growth,” says Prashanth GJ, CEO at TechnoBind.

How Will It Impact Indian Enterprises

India has been very forthcoming when it comes to implementing and boosting AI integrated developments. With its National AI strategy and the recent launch of AI portal, it aims to bring the impact of technologies across various industries such as agriculture, healthcare, education, finance and more. Now, being one of the founding members of the GPAI, it is therefore expected to play a crucial role in expanding the responsible utilisation of artificial intelligence for the world. 

Various industries in India see it as welcome news and experts believe that it will raise awareness about AI’s ability to transform business in the country. While there has been tremendous growth and research around artificial intelligence, GPAI will further help in closing the gap between AI being a theoretical buzzword and actually witnessing its application in major sectors. 

Given the large population and challenges therewith, India will now be in a good position to leverage benefits that AI can bring to the multitude of problems that India faces right now. It will help in dealing with a host of problems from education to healthcare and social security as the country will get a major boost in its AI developments. 

Privacy and security 

In recent times, privacy and security are one of the major challenges that companies are facing. Collaborating with global counterparts will help in coming up with AI-based solutions that address privacy and security issues. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, cyberthreats have become more prominent than ever before. It has called for AI-based solutions to ensure higher effectiveness in areas such as cybersecurity. 

Automation industry 

The pandemic has also brought about a boost in the automation industry. It has accelerated the digital shift with ML, AI and RPA being extensively used to optimise cost by automation and scale businesses without incurring additional costs. 

“The last few months have demonstrated that digitization and technology are the only survival options for businesses across size and segment. This initiative will drive impetus with collective wisdom across bodies and geographies for enhancing the quality and safety of life in a world which is challenged by privacy and security concerns,” says S Sriram, Chief Strategy Officer at iValue InfoSolutions.

It has also called for many companies to enforce strict work from home policies while others to work on skeleton staff. “In this downsized enterprise framework, AI has a vital role to play. For example, in a large enterprise with service delivery teams, AI can help automate processes and workflows. It can also bring about network automation to quickly analyse, predict and prevent potential failures before they occur, “ says Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS Technologies.

IT and infrastructure

It can also bring about better and modern infrastructure with AI-enabled IT solutions to drive faster, better, deeper and new insights enabling them to attain operational efficiencies, transform decision making and drive business growth, believes Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network Pvt Ltd. 

Recruitment industry

Even talent recruitment space isn’t left behind. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to quickly parse, analyse, and spot patterns in massive data sets. “AI-based talent intelligence platforms can help in scouting the right talent for any organisation, and also bring greater inclusivity and diversity for a balanced workplace. Artificial intelligence can help employers become more efficient, allowing them to focus on building and communicating their employment brands in order to recruit top candidates”, says Sandesh Goel, Managing Director at Eightfold India.

Healthcare, especially Covid-19

This global partnership is also being looked forward as an opportunity to use AI for better response and recovery from Covid-19. While many startups and companies are integrating AI to get India going in these tough times of global pandemic, there is certainly a lot that still needs to be done to improve the condition further. 

Wrapping Up

Given India’s keen dedication to set up National AI Strategy, National AI portal, and drafting AI policy, it is already leading in building an ecosystem that focuses on a fast shift from the research and development phase to the deployment and operation phase. With GPAI, it will further boost collaboration with other countries to bring about immense transformation in Indian industries.

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