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How Would A Zombie Outbreak Look Like? Someone Just Created A Simulation Using Julia

How Would A Zombie Outbreak Look Like? Someone Just Created A Simulation Using Julia

Physicist turned developers George Datseris and Timothy DuBois, have modelled a zombie outbreak on a real map using Agents.jl with OpenStreetsMaps API. The agent-based model (ABM) simulation represents how it might turn out to be in real life if a zombie outbreak occurs. 

An agent-based (or individual-based) model is a computational simulation of autonomous agents that react to their environment (including other agents), given a predefined set of rules.


The simulation shows a zombie outbreak in a city, where an agent satisfies the OSMSpace conditions of having a tuple position. The model constructor consists of a map and 100 agents scattered randomly around it, each having their own agenda and need to travel to some new destination. The ones from the population that turn into zombies will begin infecting anyone who comes close.

The zombies are seemingly oblivious to their state since they keep going about their business but start eating people along the way.  

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Agents.jl is a free, open-source and extremely transparent Julia framework for agent-based modelling (ABM), whose modular, function-based design and support for many types of space (arbitrary graphs, regular grids, continuous space, and instances of Open Street Map) make it popular among developers. It also provides multi-agent support for interactions between disparate agent species and agent distributions on regular grids or continuous space. 

OpenStreetMapXPlot has been used for seamlessly plotting the space but is still a work in progress. 

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