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HPE Acquires Deep Learning Training Platform Determined AI

HPE Acquires Deep Learning Training Platform Determined AI

  • Determined AI will remain an open-source project.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has acquired deep learning training platform Determined AI for an undisclosed amount. The latter will work with HPE to boost high-performance computing (HPC) systems and develop mission-critical solutions (MCS).

Determined AI will remain an open-source project. The company said that its customers and open source community members would continue to receive the same level of service and support. 

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Determined AI was founded by Ameet Talwalkar, Evan Sparks, and Neil Conway in 2017. The machine learning tech company looks to revolutionise the way deep models are trained and deployed. Determined AI helps reduce time-to-market by increasing developer productivity, improving resource (GPU) utilisation, and reducing risk. 

Conway said building AI applications has become highly compute, data, and communication-intensive over the last few years. “Ten years ago, you could do cutting-edge computer vision research on a laptop. Today, you need a massive farm of GPUs,” he added.

Earlier this month, Determined AI launched the SOTA hyperparameter search capabilities with constrained hyperparameter searchers. In April, it released the latest version of its open-source, deep learning training platform. 

HPE eyes HPC market 

With its latest acquisition, HPE is chasing the HPC market. As per IDC, the accelerated AI server segment is expected to grow by 38 percent, touching $18 billion by 2024. The demand for HPC will increase by more than 40 percent, reaching almost $55 billion in revenue by 2024, according to intersect360 Research.

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“As we enter the age of insight, our customers recognise the need to add machine learning to deliver better and faster answers from their data,” said Justin Hotard, SVP at HPE. 

He said AI-powered technologies would play an increasingly critical role in turning data into readily available, actionable information to fuel this new era.  Determined AI’s unique open-source platform would allow machine learning engineers to build models faster and deliver business value more quickly without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, he added.

In February, HPE acquired predictive analytics and AI-based hybrid cloud assessment platform CloudPhysics. Last year, it acquired broadband and hybrid WAN solutions provider Silver Peak and software solutions startup 

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