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Huawei, Alibaba Join Nvidia To Work On Metropolis To Build AI Smart Cities

Huawei, Alibaba Join Nvidia To Work On Metropolis To Build AI Smart Cities

Nvidia has roped in Huawei and Alibaba as partners to work on its smart cities platform Metropolis, a platform for building artificial intelligence (AI) smart cities.


Metropolis is a GPU-based intelligent monitoring tool that can enable things like easing traffic congestion, allocating city services and even finding lost individuals. Nvidia has also announced that it is including its DeepStream software development kit in the generally available version of Metropolis.

Metropolis uses video, and the over 1 billion connected cameras projected to be installed in cities around the world by the end of 2020 to run a variety of AI-enabled analysis applications, which can assist with everything from law enforcement to urban planning. Over 50 companies around the world already use Nvidia Metropolis and the newest additions will hopefully speed up the development of new products in smart cities.

Nvidia Corp. Chief Executive Jensen Huang announced Monday night that the company will be supplying its artificial intelligence-focused GPU hardware to several of China’s largest cloud-computing providers and server-hardware manufacturers, as well as new partnerships with server-hardware makers.

“AI is the most important technology development of our time, with the greatest potential to help society,” Huang said in a statement. “As the world’s leading cloud providers deploy the world’s best AI platform, with Volta GPUs and Nvidia software, we’ll see amazing breakthroughs in medicine, autonomous transportation, precision manufacturing and much more.”

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Along with the announcement of two new partners, Nvidia also announced its new DeepStream software development kit that will simplify the development of video analytics from the cameras situated around cities, which is powered by deep learning and hyper-scale data centres.

DeepStream allows video data to be processed, understood and categorised in real-time and meet the latency requirements.

Alibaba will be using Nvidia’s smart cities platform to improve city governance services of urban planners, whilst Huawei and other partners using the platform are focusing on law enforcement applications.

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