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IBM Launches Watson AIOps At Think Digital 2020 Virtual Conference

IBM Launches Watson AIOps At Think Digital 2020 Virtual Conference


IBM, at Think Digital 2020 virtual conference, launched Watson AIOps for IT operations management with the latest technologies. AIOps uses machine learning and advanced analytics along with automation technologies to assist firms in detecting IT incidents and responding to restore services quickly. With AIOps, an organisation can increase responsiveness while being flexible as it can integrate seamlessly with hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Some of the essential applications of the AIOps is that it reduces event noise by automatically consolidating and grouping events into fewer actionable trouble tickets. Besides, AIOps pinpoints potential trends to expedite the decision-making process. Furthermore, it automates the response to quickly fix the issues with minimum or no human intervention. The idea is to automate the whole IT infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies.

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Today, every company leverages a wide range of IT solutions that heavily rely on hybrid clouds. However, it has increased the complexities for companies to individually address the IT issues they witness every day. Especially during the lockdown, firms are struggling to effectively manage their IT infrastructure since most of the employees are working from home. This has necessitated the need for a solution that can handle a wide variety of IT problems with minimal external intervention. “Watson AIOps can reduce the response time to outages to minutes from hours. We want to assist every company in diagnosing and responding to IT challenges automatically with the help of AI,” said Rob Thomas, senior vice president of IBM Cloud and Data Platform.

Built on Red Hat OpenShift, Watson AIOps can be integrated with IT monitoring tools like Mattermost and ServiceNow to keep track of all the activities on the infrastructure. Besides, AIOps supports tools like Slack to enhance collaboration. “Using Slack with Watson AIOps, IT operators can work in collaboration to solve a problem instead of identifying IT issues,” said Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of Slack.

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