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IBM To Double Down On Data, AI and Cloud Services In 2020

IBM To Double Down On Data, AI and Cloud Services In 2020

IBM 2020 plan

IBM wants to regain the markets that it has lost over the years and become an IT leader once again. For this, the company has planned to double down on data, AI, and cloud services in 2020. Leveraging the latest technologies, IBM is devising a plan to deliver superior services to assist its clients in various verticals.

“In the last couple of years, IBM has made great strides in building new-age solutions and technology. We have then bundled sorts around analytics, cognitive, and cloud. Now, as we go along, it’s of paramount importance that we don’t only restrict ourselves to this. Therefore we think the next step forward in the cloud computing, cloud and cognitive enterprise,” Kamal Singhani, Managing Partner, Global Business Services, IBM India/South Asia told Hindustan Times.


IBM is also exploring opportunities in a market that is otherwise going through a slowdown. For this, the company is looking to assist its customers in transitioning from what it describes as “classical IT” to “business IT.”

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