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IBM’s Global Support For India To Fight The Second Wave

IBM’s Global Support For India To Fight The Second Wave

Recently, Arvind Krishna, Chairman and Chief Executive at IBM India stated that the company is leveraging its voice and influence to rally global support to help India fight against the devastating second wave. According to sources, Krishna has asked the company employees globally to channelise donations through United Way of India to reach the ground level.

In an email to the employees, Krishna wrote, “This weekend I joined U.S. business leaders in urging the Biden Administration to expedite assistance. We are also now working with the U.S. and Indian governments as well as the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum, the Business Roundtable and the U.S-India Business Council within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to accelerate critical aid.”

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In that email, Krishna mentioned that the big blue has donated funds for 2,500 oxygen concentrators and is working with local partners to fund emergency hospital beds in communities where its teams live and work.

“As IBMers, we are united in our values. Our thoughts are with the people of India and others worldwide who are experiencing the worst consequences of this global health emergency. I have hope that the situation will turn around. But I also know that hope is not enough. In India and other parts of the world where Covid is surging, we will continue taking firm and coordinated action to support IBMers,” Krishna added.

The Chairman also mentioned that the tech giant has expanded Covid-19 coverage for its employees, dedicated health lines and also emergency transport services to help IBMers and their families in the cities it operates.

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In the lockdown period of 2020, two employees based in Bengaluru, Dr Mahesh Pavan Sathavalli and Subha Hari tried to bring awareness to the people by creating a WhatsApp group of almost 130 people and help develop and coordinate an awareness campaign. Other IBMers across India are also contributing to the fight against COVID-19 as part of the company’s volunteering program and through personal efforts and contributions.

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