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IIT Kanpur To Open An AI Research Centre, Further Strengthens Research Capabilities

IIT Kanpur To Open An AI Research Centre, Further Strengthens Research Capabilities

Abhijeet Katte
IIT Kanpur Main building

IIT Kanpur soon plans to open a specialised AI research centre in collaboration with a reputed organisation. A leading technical institute in India, IIT Kanpur plans to become one of the go-to schools for AI-based training and research in India. The centre will be responsible for doing research in the areas of IoT(Internet of things) and AI.

The deputy director of the prestigious institute, Manindra Agrawal also told a newspaper that the centre is in the discussion stage and will become a reality soon. The centre will become a hub of teaching and researching activities for the areas of AI, IOT, and many new and emerging technologies.

Manindra Agrawal, also a well-known computer science researcher believes that the institute is well placed to benefit from the specialised centre since it already runs courses in AI and other new technologies. He also mentioned that AI courses are very popular in the institute. This development is one of the latest in the string of developments at the technical institute.

IIT Kanpur also worked on developing a blockchain architecture with an Indian agency in the field of cybersecurity. The project which was commissioned by the Office of the National Cyber Security Coordinator required IIT Kanpur to work on blockchain technologies. The use case of the blockchain architecture would be used in e-governance.

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The research at IIT Kapur has traditionally focussed on theoretical computer science. Slowly but surely research activities are shifting towards AI and this will lead to the institute working closely with industry leaders in both the private and public sector. IIT Kanpur earlier worked with ISRO to build new semiconductor devices to be used in space missions.


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