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IIT Madras Launches Online BSc Degree Program In Data Science

IIT Madras Launches Online BSc Degree Program In Data Science

In a world where decision-making is increasingly becoming data-driven there is a huge gap between the demand for data scientists and the supply of qualified applicants in the job market. As a game-changer, IIT Madras brings a unique online program at the degree and the diploma level in areas of programming and data science.

IIT Madras is pioneering a completely online program to produce graduates who will be employable in the sector that presently has high demand – Programming and Data Science. IIT Madras is creating a unique virtual classroom environment filled with a diverse set of learners from all ages and backgrounds. Its expert tutors and mentors will offer a virtually interactive training experience and tie-ups with industries, enable internships and job opportunities.

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Anyone who is passed out of any stream in 12 standard and has enrolled or graduated from college is eligible for the qualifier of this program. Once you clear the qualification process you will be inducted into the program where the first year is a foundational program.

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This is followed by two diplomas in the second year. For those who carry on to the third year, there awaits also the chance of specialisation. Upon graduation you can earn a BSc degree from IIT Madras and become an alumnus of the Institute this program will be offered to three terms in a year to ensure flexibility for working professionals and full-time college students. The program uses an innovative combination of online learning and in-person assessment and is flexible and affordable. Visit the official website of IIT Madras to know more.

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