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IIT Madras To Launch Online ‘Certified Cyber Warrior’ Course

IIT Madras To Launch Online ‘Certified Cyber Warrior’ Course

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The Digital Skills Academy at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has announced the launch of a comprehensive cybersecurity course — ‘Certified Cyber Warriors (CCW) v3.0’ — in order to aid the law enforcement, network administration by network security experts in the private and public sector and the security professionals along with the general public.

The ‘Certified Cyber Warriors (CCW) v3.0’ course has been designed as a 120-hour course, which will include live online classes conducted over the weekends. The critical aspect of the course will be the hands-on experience with practical sessions with over 52 learning tools and a 30-hour intensive boot camp in the IIT Madras campus.

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Prof V Kamakoti from the department of computer science and engineering of IIT Madras is going to work as the advisor for this programme, who is also a member of National Security Advisory Board, Government of India. The cybersecurity course has been designed in order to help critical sectors in various aspects, such as data breach, misuse of private information and emails. The institute claims that, through this course, enough knowledge will be shared on the maintenance of robust servers with minimal to zero scopes for data breach or hacking.

Although the registration process for this online cybersecurity course is underway, IIT Madras has urged interested aspirants to enrol through the official website of the institute, once prepared. According to C Mohan Ram, Chief Mission Integrator and Innovator, Forensic Intelligence Surveillance and Security Technologies, the course will be delivered by the industry experts blended with practising Infosec experts and the faculties of IIITDM Kanchipuram and IIT Madras.

He said, “The online cybersecurity course will be covering basic functions of security set-up with tools and settings for prevention of attacks as well as fixing the breach as quickly as possible using internal resources.”

He further stated that the registration for the course has commenced on March 16, of this year.

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In a recent Facebook post, IIT Madras confirmed the news by stating — “#IITMadras Digital Skills Academy in association with the Forensic Intelligence Surveillance and Security Technologies (FISST) launches ‘Career Back 2 Women (CB2Women)’ initiative to skill/reskill women who aspire to return to a technical profession after a career break.”

The Digital Skills Academy at IIT Madras also has already started other courses on subjects like AI/ML, data science, software engineering with programming, at various levels for students and other working professionals. These courses are in association with NASSCOM and with training companies incubated at IIT Madras Research Park and industry partners.

The Digital Skills Academy of IIT Madras has already collaborated with the government and industry to promote education and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

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