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IIT Madras Will Assist Women In Restarting Their Career

IIT Madras Will Assist Women In Restarting Their Career

IIT-Madras The Career Back 2 Women

In an attempt to assist women in restarting after their career break, IIT Madras will offer 150 hours of training to reskill women. The objective of this training is for enabling women to get a job after a break from their career. IIT Madras, through its initiative, The Career Back 2 Women (CB2Women) will provide courses in the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, data science and big data, cybersecurity with digital forensics, and software engineering with programming in Python with MongoDB.

All aspirants will take Back To Technical Track (BTCUBE), which is a 20-hour programme to bring them up-to-date on technologies and demystifies the latest jargon,” said C Mohan Ram, Chief Mission Integrator and Innovator, FISST.

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The programme will be delivered through the IIT Madras’ Digital Skills Academy. Besides, the institute has collaborated with Forensic Intelligence Surveillance and Security Technologies to offer the courses. Candidates will get an opportunity to choose from any lever of course: basic or advanced. However, the 20-hour programme is compulsory before opting for any of the two levels in four different tracks.

“CB2W from IIT Madras’ Digital Skills Academy is a revisionist step that would help in getting more women into STEM occupations, and I look forward to the positive impact this will make in the years to come,” said Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras.

While challenges for women to restart their careers was the prime idea, the institute also aims at contributing to enhancing the diversity in the analytics landscape. Today, women are very few compared to men in the artificial intelligence or data science fields. Consequently, the institute doesn’t limit itself to offering courses and help candidates to find a job post the completion of the course. However, this is only for someone who finishes the advanced course.

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