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IIT Mandi Launches Executive Courses In Applied AI & Full Stack Development

IIT Mandi Launches Executive Courses In Applied AI & Full Stack Development

IIT Mandi

IIT Mandi and the Technical Innovation Hub have collaborated with WileyNXT to launch two six-month executive courses — Professional Certification course in Applied AI and Professional Certification in Full Stack Development, which will begin accepting applications from next year. 

These courses are aimed at early career professionals who are looking at building a career in artificial intelligence and analytics. Candidates who successfully complete the course will be awarded a joint certificate from WileyNXT and IIT Mandi.

Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, through TIH, will provide opportunities for industrial collaborations and participation in ongoing projects of Human-Computer Interaction research.

As per the organisers, these programs will facilitate learning through a methodology that would enable students to be trained on technological skills with deep business knowledge and develop a problem-solving mindset. Along with the training, students will be exposed to case studies, virtual labs, simulations, capstone projects, immersions at the campus and masterclasses by Wiley India Advisory council consisting of top industry experts and business technology drivers in India and across the globe. 

The Applied AI program is aimed at creating skilled AI professionals for a range of industrial applications such as healthcare, supply chain, intelligent cybersecurity, amongst others. It is pertinent to note that the AI industry which is valued at 6.4 billion as of July – August 2020, is attracting the best of talents in this field and the need is expected to grow further.


On the other hand, the full stack developer certification course will train the candidates to seamlessly fulfil the increased demand for such professionals in the industry, which has seen a 20% rise amid increased digitalisation of businesses.

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Vikas Gupta, the Managing Director of Wiley India, believes that as businesses shift online and are experiencing digitalisation at a fast rate, there is a requirement for professionals who can ‘integrate deep knowledge of their industry with the latest analytical tools to quickly adapt to business strategies, and provide data-driven proof for businesses’. He adds, “With IIT Mandi, we at WileyNXT aim to create a job-ready workforce by equipping our learners with industry-specific skills for their development projects.”

Corroborating Gupta’s thoughts, Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Mandi, said, “This specialised program will enable understanding machine learning and deep learning to achieve high levels of accuracy and adaptation in ML models to contextualise business and industry processes so as to improve the way we interact with everything around us.”

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