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This IIT & MIT Graduate Is Enabling Efficient App Testing Using Artificial Intelligence

This IIT & MIT Graduate Is Enabling Efficient App Testing Using Artificial Intelligence

Prajakta Hebbar
pCloudy director Avinash Tiwari (extreme left) with his team members.


With the rise of smartphones — especially affordable smartphones — the number of mobile phone apps used in India has also increased dramatically. In fact, the mobile app market in the country saw a sharp rise in 2016, outpacing even the US, and ranked number one in terms of Google Play downloads.

With the number of apps and its users increasing drastically, the industry had a void for people, programmes and applications to test it out before the launch.

The Rise Of AI-Powered Cloud Platform:

pCloudy, a two-year-old company is making waves in the app testing space in India. In a candid chat with Analytics India Magazine, director of pCloudy, told us about the company’s inner workings, use of AI-powered cloud platform and their future plans.

Acquired by their parent company Smart Software Testing Solutions in Feb 2016, pCloudy is one of the fastest growing start-ups in this space. The platform has raised $1.5 million in pre-Series A round of funding from YourNest Angel Fund and other individual investors.

Their key service is to provide an AI-powered cloud platform that enables enterprise and app developers to validate the quality and user experience of their mobile phone apps before releasing it to market.

The company’s director Avinash Tiwari, told AIM, “One of the biggest challenges that is faced by app developers is the constant evolution of the phone’s operating systems, especially Android. With so many versions and ensuing fragmentation, the app needs more time and attention.”

By offering solutions like a real-time device cloud (with over 500 real mobile devices), AI driven app certification, and user experience validation through crowd testing, pCloudy is the only mobile validation cloud that offers end to end solutions for app developers. With close to 2,00,000 hours of mobile testing done through its device cloud, it boasts of an large device inventory utilisation index.

“App developers want a quick feedback for their product, so that the users do not face any glitches. Our automated bot can identify the bugs and give a feedback within a matter of minutes,” Tiwari added.

“We approach the app in three steps: a DIY (do it yourself) platform for the client, a bot to give quick feedbacks, and a crowd-based testing,” he said.

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This practice has clearly been working very well for pCloudy, because they have around 11,000 users as of now, and are adding almost 1,000 active users every month. Their portfolio features several illustrious names such as Accenture, Reliance Jio, BookMyShow, Honeywell and Digital Turbine, among others.

The Man Behind The Cloud:

With noted institutions such as IIT Varanasi and MIT Sloan School of Management, Tiwari began his journey at a start-up, followed by stints at CMC, HCL and Oracle. After having led the services delivery group as the VP in CresTech, he now focuses on the pCloudy’s strategic initiatives. With extensive experience in the area of Software QA, Test Automation and mobile app testing, he has helped many organisations setup specialised test centres.

Tiwari is not just the brain behind the company but also a “Baba” for most in his circle, a name, he got from a certain monk. And no points for guessing, it is his love for Old Monk that got him the name.


OpKey is a an enterprise test automation platform that facilitates script less test automation allowing the creation and execution of tests up to 3 times faster on cloud with Selenium, Sahi, HP UFT, Appium or any other tools. OpKey focuses on more traditional PC-based software while pCloudy targets the accelerated mobile application software space. Over the years, the two testing tools have helped in establishing SSTS Inc. as a global service firm operating in complete software testing solutions.

“The key driver is the vision to create world’s largest testing platform that would help enterprises to become more agile and release their apps faster than ever before without compromising on quality,” added Tiwari.

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