Importance Of Motherboard In Deep Learning

A study of not just your present, but future requirements in terms of expanding the number of GPU units, memory slots, PCIe lanes, heat control system— defines the type of motherboard you need

Of the many components that go into making a deep learning system, the motherboard is the most crucial one. Often, you tend to invest in a powerful CPU with more PCIe lanes when building your own deep learning system. However, it is the motherboard that requires your research before choosing the other components. It is the base where all your components are connected. A study of not just your present but future requirements in terms of expanding the number of GPU units, memory slots, PCIe lanes, heat control system — defines the type of motherboard you need. The GPU(s) that you run on your system also largely depends on the combination of the right CPU with the appropriate choice of a motherboard.

Motherboards Today

From flawless performance to better connectivity, AMD, Gigabyte, and ASUS have a few of the best combinations with the right processors and the chipsets that go into a motherboard. Before you choose one, you must also study the best processor for your computational tasks. While addictive gamers are prone to use high-end processors which require a compatible motherboard with chipsets like Intel’s X299 or WRX80 — you might be able to achieve the best results with X570 or other motherboards of a similar build. There are plenty of options in the market; however, finding the right processor to match the type of motherboard you want to buy is the priority. While the build of a motherboard is essential, the components that it will work with make it a complete package.

Motherboard manufacturers have been flaunting some of their best makes to suit AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper Pro processors. The new motherboard models with AMD’s WRX80 chipset are designed with eight-channel memory and have more benefits than the standard Threadripper. Whereas, with a superior sharp build, ASUS ROG Strix 570 has been appealing to many who opted for the Ryzen 9 5950x processor. On the other hand, Gigabyte’s X570 AORUS ELITE aims to achieve high-performance with swift data transfer, as it has PCIe 4.0 with USB Type-C interfaces.

Finding the Right Combination

Unlike a decade ago, where you struggled to dissipate heat from the system, today’s GPU and CPU units are equipped with blower-style fans. In certain cases, motherboards also come with high-end fan installation for active cooling. For example, the motherboards with x570 chipset are also embedded with a fan, as the chipset supports PCI4 and generates a lot of heat which might damage the overall performance.

Ultimately, you can be innovative enough in choosing the right motherboard. As known to many, motherboards have evolved with gaming as the demand for large amounts of data processing and storage increased, alongside the need for better cooling systems. Such motherboards by manufacturers like AMD, Gigabyte, Intel, and ASUS have proven more than efficient for professional programming and model building. Motherboards today are designed to suit the processor types because as a programmer working on machine learning algorithms, your tasks are likely to need faster processing speed — better data transfer from the CPU to the GPU. A motherboard with a high-end processor like WRX80 will fetch you the desired speed in computation.

How Gaming Motherboards evolved to be the Best Fit for Deep Learning

For instance, the Gigabyte B365M DS3H Wifi Intel 365 Ultra Durable motherboard comes with 8118 Gaming LAN and has PCIe Gen3*4 M.2, is equipped with Intel Dual-Band 802.11ac Wifi, and is CEC 2019 ready. If you aim to build your deep learning system using your current computer, this motherboard is the best fit. However, you have to rectify the available components and get the right GPU that will work well with Gigabyte DS3H. This motherboard comes with features like RGB fusion and connectivity-based technology with Wifi. One can use it for high-end gaming, as well as for deep learning, among other professional purposes. 

There are many things one must consider before setting up a deep learning system. The motherboard is the first basic component of choice that defines your requirements based on the density of tasks. If you choose an elite motherboard like the one by Xeon, but the tasks you wish to run on your system are limited — it will be an unplanned investment. Building your own deep learning system is much easier than using cloud technologies; however, it involves technicalities that must be addressed with theoretical needs. If the datasets you will be using are limited, you can opt for one GPU, but choose a motherboard that allows the addition of more GPUs in case a requirement arises in the future. Yes, it is also important to study the scope of GPU installation on the motherboard, as model building in deep learning demands immense training.

Of the many options for purchasing the most appropriate motherboard, here are a few unique builds that have been on the market for some time:

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