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In The Age Of Automation, Where Does The Future Of HR Stand?

In The Age Of Automation, Where Does The Future Of HR Stand?

Vikas Arora

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are a reality today. With companies all over the world embracing the rise of new technology trends into their routine day work has changed the overall atmosphere of the workplace too making them automated and highly skilled. This does not leave out the HR and its multifarious functions which is now witnessing AI and Automation at the top of its game with the invention of 3D printing, Internet of things (IoT), virtual assistants, smart algorithms, use of intelligent software’s, HR applications and advanced robotics which are reshaping the workplace culture and streamlining manpower along with posing a challenge for the traditional way of carrying out business.

There is a wave of change with these inventions in the manufacturing, healthcare, automobile, education, transportation sectors to name a few across the world, which certainly have enhanced the productivity and made the entire process more or less errorless and dynamic. But will it be wise too early in time to say that the role of HR and its day to day routine scheme of things has completely become redundant? No, certainly the gambit of role played by HR will not be redundant soon in the coming times but it will have to mould itself to fit in with the latest technology trends to reach out to maximum number of people with efficiency and process driven technology to mould itself in the new age and times.

We altogether cannot discard the essential functions and the role an HR performs which machines will never be able to substitute, which makes it only relevant since humans have fallen short in creating something just like them and the role of HR and its multiple functions performed every now and then come very close to basic human nature to be able to gauge the human psyche, that is certainly the most crucial role any company will have to depend upon to be able to manage their people and their time efficiently in a humane way while at the same time maintaining its best talent for the future growth of the organisation.

How Will The Role Of HR Evolve?

The role of HR or people’s management and their traditional methods of managing the workforce may have become more or less redundant but the human element they worked with cannot be easily negated. The pressure at work, in some cases, can be a challenging part to deal with for some employees, the role of an HR whose job is also to look after people’s well-being can be a much needed facilitator here.  The human element is the most crucial when dealing with people at various levels. Dealing with people empathetically helps them not only perform better but also manage stressful situations better and improve their quality of work which directly is proportional to the profits that the company accrues in the long run. They engage the employees in various scheme of things to keep the load of work off their minds like organising interesting competitions, providing counselling, seeking bonuses for them for their exemplary performance or contribution towards the company. Any organisation cannot do without a people’s management team that puts the employees at centre stage and looks after their overall well-being in the long run.

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Yes there is no denying of the fact that the HR systems and processes should adopt the latest technology to ease their work but at the same time the quality of people management and skilling they bring into the system cannot be side-lined. To objectively view their role from a psychological perspective is something that even the most sophisticated technology will never be able to perform accurately which is conducted by skilled HR professionals on a day to day basis for their organisation. They bring in the subjective element which cannot be replaced with the use of any virtual assistants.

From the very rudimentary system that was aimed to get people to follow processes, we have a great opportunity to leverage the new technologies and transform HR. We are at the brink of a new paradigm in people management which will eventually see the light of the day with ushering in of new technology.

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