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India Among Top 3 Countries In AI Skills: LinkedIn Report

India Among Top 3 Countries In AI Skills: LinkedIn Report

Prajakta Hebbar


In an exciting revelation, a new LinkedIn report has suggested that India has the third-highest penetration of artificial intelligence skills in the world. The report also added 46% of the Indian workforce studied in this research didn’t need any upskilling, as their skill sets were already up-to-date. This number stands at 48% for China and 46% for the US.

Other interesting points shared by the LinkedIn study revealed:

  • AI skills are among the fastest-growing skills on LinkedIn, with a 190% increase in AI skills on LinkedIn from 2015 to 2017
  • Industries with more AI skills present among their workforce are also the fastest-changing industries
  • The countries with the highest penetration of AI skills are the US, China, India, Israel and Germany (in that order)

The research also added that the user and entity big data analytics was adopted by 89% of the companies, while 77% of the Indian companies had already embraced the internet of things.

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“You are probably reading this and thinking – okay, what do I do? Will a computer steal my job? How do I stay relevant? The good news is that AI won’t mean the removal of massive jobs. But it will mean the transformation of millions of jobs, requiring workers to learn new skills to thrive in them. We are already seeing that happen in the software and finance industries, where AI is ubiquitous. Other fields will soon experience a similar transformation as well,” wrote Paul Petrone, editor at LinkedIn Learning.

The LinkedIn study results are in line with the academic study titled The Augmented Human Enterprise by Goldsmiths, the University of London, and Automation Anywhere. This study revealed that 71% of Indian respondents said that their employees used RPA and AI-based augmentation to its full potential, the highest proportion for any of the four markets surveyed. While 66% of Indian respondents said that they are empowered to take risks, 77% said that their organisation prioritised employee development.

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