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Indian Institute of Technology Patna Introduces B Tech Program In Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Indian Institute of Technology Patna Introduces B Tech Program In Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The Indian Institute of Technology, Patna (IIT-P), recently announced that it will introduce three new courses under the four-year B Tech program for the academic session in early 2021.

The new courses are Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Engineering Physics, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computing. The institute has launched new programs to meet the rising demand for new-age technology and professionals from these fields. 


Admission to these courses will be through JEE-Advanced 2021, the results of which have already been announced on October 15.

“The institution has allocated 36 places for admission to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, 36 for Engineering Physics and 48 for BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. The institute has increased its intake capacity to 547 from last year’s 427 seats, with an additional 10% of excess seats reserved for foreign candidates,” said Rajendra Paramanik, Public Relations Professor, IIT-P.

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Elaborating on the details of the newly launched courses, the university officials said that the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence discipline teaches handling huge data volumes. On the other hand, the Engineering Physics course is a blend of engineering, physics and mathematics, while Mathematics and Computing Discipline is designed by combining mathematical and analytical components.

Officials said that these new programs would also provide students with abundant internships and jobs across the country and abroad. IIT-P already offers B Tech programs in various disciplines, including computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering and metallurgical and materials.

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