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Indian Pharma Giant Lupin Launches Chatbot To Dispense Medical Information

Indian Pharma Giant Lupin Launches Chatbot To Dispense Medical Information


Image Courtesy : Lupin

Noted Indian pharmaceutical company Lupin launched a new chatbot called ANYA on Friday. It provides medical information and addresses queries for patients. ANYA, which means “inexhaustible” in Sanskrit, helps patients with health-related concerns as part of their disease-management. The idea behind launching ANYA is to lessen uncertain information sources on disease management. This is done by providing medically verified information and acting as a preferred partner for doctors in resolving patient queries anytime.

Rajeev Sibal, President of Indian Region Formulations (IRF) at Lupin spoke on this occasion. “At Lupin, we continue to explore ways to integrate technology to support effective patient care. Chatbot as a technology has enormous potential to aid in medical assistance and to support in building awareness and breaking myths associated with various therapies. We are taking the first step to offer this AI-based chatbot for patients and health-givers and we believe this will be a game changer in the field of disease management in the future. This will also be a significant step in providing better access in rural markets as we adopt and launch digital healthcare platforms for better outreach.”


Lupin has made ANYA available through a separate Facebook page. Users can run a search for @askanyabot on Facebook Messenger and can begin their chat on medical queries. The company has a solid stance against diabetes in India, where it is estimated to have 72 million cases of diabetes in 2017 with the figure expecting to almost double to 134 million by 2025.  With patients today technologically advanced and are likely to be well informed on managing their health conditions, ANYA will be a lifesaver in the medical ecosystem.

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