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India’s Ministry of Electronics & IT Lists Startups for Securing Work from Home

India’s Ministry of Electronics & IT Lists Startups for Securing Work from Home

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The Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India along with DSCI (Data Security Council of India) and National Centre of Excellence for CyberSecurity Technology Development and Entrepreneurship has officially announced the list of Indian Start-ups for securing Work from Home Environment.

The startups are meant to leverage advanced security technologies to help develop the ideal work from home security framework. The startups are Block Armour, InstaSafe, Data Resolve, CloudCodes and WiJungle, all of which bring their unique capabilities to the table, in helping the government build solid work from home security techniques as the COVID-19 lockdown persists.

1. WiJungle: WiJungle is an Indian Cyber Security Company that develops and markets a unified network security gateway to organizations across 25+ countries worldwide. The company serves government and private giants across industry verticals like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Retail, Défense, Transportation, ITES, etc. The platform helps in-network data leak prevention along with malware protection, cloud sandboxing & zero-day protection. Additionally, it lets you impose granular access control to network resources. It also provides you VPN: SSL & IPsec, Hub& spokes,multi-layer auth, and split tunneling features for a more secure connection. 

2. CloudCodes: Founded in 2011, CloudCodes aims to bring innovative and agile cloud security solutions to businesses worldwide, provides cloud security through the single sign-on the solution, not only offers cost-efficient and integrated solutions but also gives complete control to your data. CloudCodes is providing shadow IT controls, cloud workload assessment, Cloud DLP, and email DLP to ensure your business is data leak proof. It also allows a compliance check and a single sign-on solution. The platform lets you gain granular control over data to ensure there is no data breach by users by proving access controls to the company. 

3. Data Resolve: Data Resolve to offer a mechanism through which customers can detect and tackle various kinds of sensitive activities pertaining to data loss and data theft. They provide a proactive approach to the organizations by facilitating the following: User Behavioral Analysis, commonly known as UBA, Centralized Management Console for efficient management, Real Time-Based Incident Reporting via SMS Alerts. Data Resolve prevents data leak, compliance monitoring, and provides forensic investigation. It provides employees with monitoring service as well.


4. InstaSafe: Founded in the year 2012, by a seasoned team having 50+ man-years in the cybersecurity space, InstaSafe is a leading cloud-based Security-as-a-Service provider. InstaSafe aims to make the internet safe, connected, and open, by eliminating the gaps in the traditional network and security tools. It provides multi-factor authentication, geo-fencing of devices, granular access control, and secure operation in a multi-cloud environment. 

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5.BlockArmour: Block Armour is a cybersecurity startup focused on harnessing the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. Block Armour provides blockchain-enabled digital identity, data leak prevention through RDP policy and agent-based access deployment. The platform provides its users with an encrypted channel, invisible access gateway, and SDP based distributed architecture.

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