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Infographic: Air Transport Readiness by 2018

Infographic: Air Transport Readiness by 2018

According to SITA, the combination of connected technology and connected people is helping to reshape the journey for air passengers and, increasingly, their expectations and behavior. Contextual communications via internet-enabled devices and objects will become the enabler for more seamless air travel experiences over the coming years. The proliferation of sensors connecting objects and devices with each other and us via the internet is ongoing. These devices will be communicating with each other to negotiate and organize themselves, communicating with people to take instructions or to report back. For airlines and airports, the focus will be to manage all the physical (and virtual) “objects” that comprise their business ecosystem. For connected travelers, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers opportunities to link with the air transport industry’s IT ecosystem to manage and personalize their journey from their own smart mobile device, on the ground and in the air. The futuristic approach will make sure that the entire travel experience is automated, secure and comfortable for the passengers . By 2018, here is what the entire travel program services will look like as described in the infographic.


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