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Infographic: To Drive or Be Driven?

Infographic: To Drive or Be Driven?

To gather a group of stuntmen to jump out of self-driving Hyundais, while moving, sounds like a practice best reserved for an action flick – or maybe a total waste of time and money – but gutsy experiments like these have given driverless cars some much needed validation.

You might remember the aforementioned test, conducted in 2014, which demonstrated how well the cars could steer, turn and brake without human hands. Put plainly, they handled themselves quite well. It’s just another shred of evidence among the ever-mounting pile that proves self-driving cars as a viable form of transportation for the very near future.

Of course, the numbers count most. So Auto Loan Solutions, an Ontario-based car loan company, created an infographic to show the figures that truly give AVs credence. Titled, “To Drive or Be Driven”, this graphic compares how they perform versus traditional vehicles and how driverless ones could emerge as superior.

A look through this infographic will likely give you a new piece of info that startles as much as it informs. It encapsulates the flood of research that points out self driving vehicles’ potential to tackle the most concerning issues of car ownership.

“But I’ve seen all the stats before,” some of you might say. That could be true. Even then, what you have already heard or seen may have changed, considering how fast the data surfaces then vanishes in the wake of new findings, findings which may indeed appear here.

Regardless of what you currently know about the AV revolution, you will find Auto Loan Solutions’ infographic either supporting your hopes or silencing the skeptics – maybe both. And you will also notice that the changes driverless fleets will bring with them are not on the horizon, but rather, right around the corner.

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