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Welcome to the 8th edition of Infovision, INFOVISION 2012, focused on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

Information Excellence Group announces InfoVision 2012 Summit on the theme “SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud” – a 2-day event presented by ISiM and supported by CSI Bangalore chapter, DAMA Bangalore Chapter and TDWI India Chapter.

The summit consisting of presentations, workshops and leaders’ discussions on their experience & future of BI along with trends and best practices, is Sponsored and Hosted by SAP Labs, Thank You SAP Labs for your support.

Keep track of the summit information at in addition to the infovision 2012 page on information excellence blog.

The Program is subdivided into 3 major streams, Please register with the appropriate Track most relevant to your role:

  • Oct 19th Friday AM: Workshops Track (Open for All)
  • Oct 19th Friday PM: Participant Presos (Open for All)
  • Oct 19th Friday PM: BI Leaders Track (For BI Leaders and Invited Delegates Only)
  • Oct 20th Saturday AM & PM: Knowledge Track (Open for All)

Summit Info:

Registration Link:

Additional Information:

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Quick Update on the Infovision 2012 on Oct-19th and 20th. We are ramping up rapidly for the session, and we have several new additions and many Industry Leaders participating.

This Infovision edition (presented by ISIM along with Information Excellence Group  and the support of CSI Blore Chapter, DAMA Blore Chapter and TDWI India Chapter) includes “BI Leader’s Track”, workshop sessions, “Hidden Gem” participant Presentations”, apart from the Main Track.

Continuing on the motto of “Information Excellence” towards an enriched Profession, Business and Society” and a partnered Wikipedia model, Information Excellence Group is gearing up towards Infovision 2012 on Oct 19/20, in Bangalore. The Theme is titled “SMAC (scial, mobile, analytics and cloud) is Smart”The Summit is hosted by SAP Labs and is presented by ISIM with CSI, DAMA and TDWI India Chapters.

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