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Innovaccer Raises $70M In Series C To Enhance Its Data-Driven Healthcare Platform

Innovaccer Raises $70M In Series C To Enhance Its Data-Driven Healthcare Platform

Data-Driven Healthcare Platform

Innovaccer, an AI-based health tech company recently closed $70million Series C funding from Steadview Capital, Tiger Global, Dragoneer, Westbridge, Mubadala, and Microsoft’s Venture Fund M12. Founded in 2014, the India and US-based company uses analytics to assist healthcare providers in delivering superior patient-centred care. 

Over the years, Innovaccer, with its Data Activation Platform has helped its clients to unify 3.8 million patient records, resulting in a saving of more than $400million. Its platform offers population health analytics, integrated care management, AI-powered decision support and AI-powered patient engagement. The firm simplifies the data analysis process for healthcare providers, thereby allowing them to focus on their core business. To deliver this, it clubs data from different sources such as health plans, pharmacies, labs, and hospitals.

Developing data-driven healthcare is tedious due to the absence of desired data. However, the firm has mitigated problems with its platform while ensuring the privacy of users. “Despite technologies’ rise, the deep-rooted inefficiencies in healthcare make it difficult to deliver patient-centred care,” said Kanav Hasija, co-founder and chief customer success officer.

The platform provides custom insights and dashboards for enabling real-time decision making. Innovaccer application provides flexibility such that it fits the varying needs of its clients. Today, over 25,000 providers leverage its healthcare solution effortlessly to render patient-centric care. Innovaccer aims to become the go-to provider by collecting various healthcare data and enhance its platform using cutting-edge technologies.

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With the new round of funds, Innovaccer is committed to strengthening its data-driven solution and help healthcare providers to streamline their workflows and make an informed decision with insights. “Everyone in healthcare struggles to identify insights and make the right decisions to deliver better care,” said Abhinav Shashank, CEO and co-founder of Innovaccer.

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