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Inside Nucleus, An Integrated Data Platform From Vodafone & Google Cloud

Vodafone and Google Cloud recently entered a six-year strategic partnership to build a robust integrated data platform called Nucleus. The new platform will drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, learnings and insights to create new digital products and services for Vodafone customers worldwide. 

In 2019, Vodafone migrated to Google Cloud to support the former’s data analytics, infrastructure and machine learning. Now, Vodafone and Google Cloud have extended the strategic partnership to develop integrated data services. The new integrated platform built using the latest hybrid cloud technologies from GCP will house a system called Dynamo with the capability to process and drive large volumes of data across Vodafone’s pipelines, enabling it to offer new personalised services in multiple markets. 


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Dynamo will allow Vodafone to offer new connectivity services by releasing smart network features, such as accelerating the broadband speed. It will also help Vodafone to centralise its operation, cut down operation costs and re-use data artefacts. Dynamo can move about 5,000 data feeds to the Cloud per day, which is equal to 50 TB of data per day. Depending on the time of the day, Dynamo can automatically control the capacity of a data pipeline, and increase the speed of building a data pipeline by 25%. 

Around 1,000 employees from Britain, Spain, and the United States will collaborate on the project to allow Vodafone to utilise machine learning to identify and resolve customer issues quickly across the world. This reinvented approach towards data analytics and business intelligence will empower Vodafone to make quick, informed decisions based on business insights. Already, Vodafone has identified more than 700 use-cases to

deliver new products and services across markets. It will also enhance Vodafone’s clients to access its data analytics, intelligence, and machine-learning capabilities. 


In a recent press release Johan Wibergh, CTO, Vodafone, said: “Vodafone is building a powerful foundation for a digital future. We have vast amounts of data which, when securely processed and made available across our footprint using the collective power of Vodafone and Google Cloud’s engineering expertise, will transform our services, to our customers and governments, and the societies where they live and serve.”

Apart from enhancing Vodafone’s mobile and connectivity services, the detailed insight and data-driven analysis will empower data scientists to collaborate on health and environmental issues in 11 countries using automated machine learning tools. Using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, Vodafone plans to provide a complete digital replica (digital twin) of its internal support. In addition to that, Vodafone will also host its entire SAP environment to Google Cloud, including its core SAP workloads and SAP Central Finance.

Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud, said the telecommunication companies have rapidly transformed the services and experiences they provide customers through data and analytics, especially during the pandemic. The partnership between Google Cloud and Vodafone will accelerate the digital transformation of the industry through its innovative new platform. 

With the development of Dynamo, Vodafone will store and process the vast data it generates on Google Cloud. It will direct all of Vodafone’s data by extracting and encrypting it back and forth from the source to the Cloud, enabling intelligent data analysis and insight. This will also encourage multinational corporations to move their data to Cloud in future. 

According to news reports, Vodafone and Google Cloud are already considering exploring opportunities to provide consultancy services to multinational organisations.

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