Inside Tableau’s New AI Feature — Explain Data

Tableau Explain Data

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With cutting-edge technology, almost all the organisations are engaged in the rat-race to be at the same pace with the emerging technologies. Since data visualisation is portraying a crucial role in analysing data for a few years now. Tableau has gained popularity as the leading data visualisation platform and with the new release, the software has come up with new and exciting features for the latest version.

One of the most important advantages of using Tableau is that it helps an analyst to gain minute insights into the data. The beta version of Tableau 2019.3 has been released last month which includes some important features along with a new feature called “Explain Data.” 

Explain Data is a new AI-powered feature which helps the analysts to understand “why” behind the unexpected values in data by identifying causes and relationships between the data. The researchers behind this feature of Tableau used powerful Bayesian statistical methods to generate the explanations. The Explain Data works by evaluating more than a hundred explanations and choosing the most likely ones.

Other New Features Introduced

Besides Explain Data, Tableau 2019.3 includes two more important  interactive features as mentioned below

  • Tableau Catalog: With the help of Tableau Catalog, analysts will be able to manage their data better than ever. The user will be able to get the entire view of the data which is being used and can automatically trace information such as usage metrics, user permissions, are among others. This feature will be available for Tableau Server and Tableau Online as a part of the Data Management Add-on.
  • Project McKinley: With the help of this feature, a user can run large and critical Tableau server deployments with ease. Project McKinley allows a user to streamline the management process and provides functionalities such as improved scalability with external repository hosting and node optimisation, enhanced security with Amazon AWS key management integration, etc. This feature will be a separately licensed add-on and is not available for Tableau Online. 

 Some of the other important features of Tableau 2019.3 include

  • Extract Encryption At Rest: For additional security, a user can now encrypt the extracts at rest on Tableau Server.
  • Embed Ask Data Into Your Content: By embedding Ask Data into an organisation’s portal, an analyst can enable more people in his/her organisation who are to be asking questions of their data.
  • Join Published Data Sources With Prep Builder: A user can now integrate published data sources into your prep flows and will be able to connect to them like any other data source by creating joins, pivoting data, etc.
  • Web Editing For Tableau Public: With the help of this feature, a user can easily edit and save any of the Tableau Public visualisations directly in the browser. 

Highlight From Tableau 2019.1

Earlier this year, Tableau 2019.1 released Ask Data, a feature with self-service analytics which holds the capabilities of natural language processing and helps a user to ask data questions and get an instant visual response. This feature indeed helps a user regardless of skillset to gain a closer view of the data and produce more analytical insights.

In Conclusion

Many a time, an analyst ends up thinking why the data is showing the unexpected results and this is where Tableau as a tool assists to gain these pieces of information. Explain Data as a feature will help the data analyst to cut the time-consuming process of finding explanations and then validating them with data and provide you with a bird’s view.

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