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Intel Acquihires Autonomous Driving Startup Ineda Systems

Intel Acquihires Autonomous Driving Startup Ineda Systems

Prajakta Hebbar


Tech giant Intel this week snapped up Hyderabad-based startup Ineda Systems for an undisclosed amount. According to reports, Intel is keenly interested in the Ineda’s trained experts, who currently work with semiconductor products and autonomous driving systems.

Reportedly, the deal was made in all cash and acquired specifically for the employees’ skillsets rather than its products and services, with Intel acquiring around 100 engineers from Ineda for their skills in graphics, an area for which the chip giant has ambitious plans.

“Intel acquired engineering resources from Ineda Systems, a silicon and platform services provider based in Hyderabad. This transaction provides Intel with an experienced SOC (system on chip) team to help build a world-class discrete GPU business,” an Intel spokesperson told a noted daily.

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Ineda, which was founded in 2010-11 by Dasaradha Gude rose to fame after making their its chips for wearables. The company operates in the sphere of autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The startup is famous for it’s Dhanus chips, an integrated circuit containing various components of a device on a single chip. These can be integrated into various devices such as smart watches, health and fitness trackers, among others.

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