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Intel Launches Unnati Program, Aims To Set Up 100 Intel Data-Centric Labs Across India

Intel Launches Unnati Program, Aims To Set Up 100 Intel Data-Centric Labs Across India

Intel recently announced the launch of the Intel Unnati Program, an initiative to help equip engineering students in India with industry-relevant data-centric skills. Through the program, Intel aims to set up 100 Intel Unnati Data-Centric Labs over the next year across universities and engineering institutes in India.

Intel says that the initiative will provide the country’s higher educational institutions with long-term technology and lab infrastructure capabilities, enabling a greater focus on research and innovation.

“Technology has never been more important than it is today and is a critical driver of future growth. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure young talent in India has access to the right infrastructure and course content to keep pace with the fast-changing needs and expectations of the technology industry. Intel Unnati Data-Centric Labs will enable educational institutions to bridge the widening technology skill gap in the country, build industry-ready emerging technology competencies and provide strategic impetus to India’s digital economy transformation,” said Nivruti Rai, country head of Intel India and vice president of Intel Foundry Services.

The following program implementation is supported by a network of system integrators across India who can customize the lab configuration to suit each institution’s requirements, train the faculty on course content, and provide ongoing maintenance support. The emphasis is on hands-on experiences that build confidence among students in the use of hardware and software toolkits.

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Intel Unnati Program strives to broaden access to technology infrastructure for educational institutions across all tiers. Institutions will have a choice of lab variants to suit their budgets and based on where they stand in their technology and infrastructure journey. Each Intel Unnati lab includes hardware and software stack recommendations from Intel, course content and co-branded course completion certificates for students. 

Currently, labs are available for artificial intelligence (AI), FPGA solutions and AI Internet of Things (AIIoT), with multiple other technologies in the pipeline, including smart mobility and security. The Intel Unnati Program has been piloted across 15 colleges that are in the process of setting up Centres of Excellence on their campuses, with three of these labs operational. Intel has committed to expanding digital readiness to reach 30 million people in 30,000 institutions in 30 countries by 2030.

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