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Interview – Alexandre Arrighi, EMEA & India Channel Director at Quiterian

Interview – Alexandre Arrighi, EMEA & India Channel Director at Quiterian

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In this interview with Analytics India Magazine, Alexandre Arrighi gives a deeper insight into the recent partnership between Quiterian and Wipro to provide advanced customer analytics applications to clients of Wipro.

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Analytics India Magazine: How would you describe the objective and vision of the partnership with Wipro?

Alexandre Arrighi: There is a consolidating trend for alliances between software technology vendors and consulting companies with a specialization around data and business analytics.

Powerful analytics software tools allow consulting companies with data analytics expertise to deliver higher value in the shortest time possible to their customers. In line with this trend, the partnership between Quiterian and Wipro will bring to large organizations business-specific analytics knowledge embedded in a powerful software platform.

AIM: What do you foresee as some of the biggest challenges to achieving this vision?

AA: Wipro has a strong analytics focus and this area has been set as one of their main business growth driver. This makes us confident about the outcome of the partnership.

As for every project, the key is in the people who lead them and convert them into success stories: In our alliance with Wipro, the combination of the involvement from top management and a well-balanced project team is our best guarantee.

AIM: What are the specific areas of delivery, both from Quiterian and Wipro, which this partnership seeks to cover?

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AA: Quiterian Analytics is very well adapted to customer analytics and 360º view of the customer. Those are the area our partnership will address first.

There are sectors that have more than other a data analytics-driven mindset, because of the volume of data to deal with, the competitive environment, etc. Sectors such as Telco, Banking and Healthcare are usually very well aware of the competitive edge given by in-depth knowledge of their business and customer analytics.

AIM: Is Quiterian open to partner with other similar companies in India?

AA: As a market, India is obviously a great opportunity for us.
Due to Wipro’s reputation in India and worldwide, we believe this partnership will probably trigger new collaboration opportunities with either global or local consulting companies.
We are open to collaborate closely with strategic partners who share our vision of the market and corporate culture for analytics.

AIM: What can we expect from this partnership over the next year?

AA: Customers can expect intelligent solutions that will really help them to get faster insights about their customers, anticipate their needs and behaviors and develop excellence in a customer-centric approach throughout their organizations.

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We anticipate that the first results of this partnership will be visible by the end of this year, with the first organization adopting the solution designed as a result of this collaboration.

AIM: Quiterian has been in news recently with various other partnerships and product launches across the globe. What else can we expect to hear in the near future?

AA: Our mission is to provide innovative companies with relevant solutions to get a better insight into their data and customers. All our actions and thoughts are geared towards this goal. Shortly we will release a new version of Quiterian Analytics, with an even more powerful engine that will allow conducting intuitive analysis and discovering hidden patterns at light-speed.

We have now more than 50 partners worldwide but you should also expect Quiterian to continue increasing its network of partners globally in order to be able to satisfy the growing demand around business analytics.

AIM: Lastly, anything else which you would like to add?

AA: Our highest commitment is to help organizations to cope with the needs and requirements of today’s highly competitive market, we strongly believe in the democratization of Advanced Analytics for business users. In this regard, we have recently launched Quite4me, a cloud-based platform that simplifies the work of marketing folks integrating all their data in just one place to do better and faster analysis.

Alexandre Arrighi has more than ten years of experience in channel sales development and management in the software industry. He graduated with a Master in Business administration from SKEMA business school and holds a BA degree in political science from Lyon III University in France.

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