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Interview: Pratik Jani, Chief Innovation Officer at YUPS Tech Solutions

Interview: Pratik Jani, Chief Innovation Officer at YUPS Tech Solutions

Bhasker Gupta
Pratik Jani, the CINO for YUPS Tech Solutions

An engineering graduate, Pratik Jani is an innovator by passion, an entrepreneur by profession, and a designer at heart. He has executed several roles in the last few years, serving as researcher, programmer, trainer, designer, web developer, marketer, and strategist. Jani also focuses on introducing new and exciting innovations that clients desire.

His extensive experience allows him to easily understand challenges across departments and multi-disciplinary projects. Pratik currently serves as the Chief Innovation Officer at YUPS Tech Solutions, enabling organizations to fulfil their IoT needs, and drive operational and business excellence. IoT India Magazine interacted with Pratik Jani to see how YUPS Tech Solutions fuels IoT business.  

IoT India Magazine: Tell us about the conception behind YUPS and the journey to it

Pratik Jani: YUPS started in 2010 with a bunch of highly motivated engineers. The team has always been passion-driven, with the philosophy of solving problems and bringing change using technology and innovation.

Robotics: We started our journey with robotics-based training and workshops. Countries are becoming successful by implementing the smart technology. So far, we have trained more than 25,000 students in Mumbai and across other suburbs, we became the pioneers in introducing Robotics as a regular subject in International schools. We are also pioneers in making school students compete and win against engineers at their technical festivals.

IoT: Innovation and technology are at our core. After setting a benchmark in robotics we moved to IoT. We did many research projects & case studies with companies like EMCO and Reliance Jio before completely entering into IoT domain. Our first major telecom client was from Myanmar, for whom we installed the first device which could control and monitor 107 parameters every 10 seconds. Noticing our service quality and turnaround time, clients like TATA Telecommunications and Larsen & Toubro were enticed to seek our assistance.

Today YUPS is expanding the business in IIoT, focusing on Telecom management and Smart manufacturing sector.

IoT India Magazine: Please highlight few challenges and technological trends noticed in IoT arena.

PJ: Few of the challenges in the IoT landscape are as follows:

  1. Lack of standardization in IoT protocols & communication methods.
  1. India being a cost-sensitive market, many use cases don’t get executed.
  1. People in need of IoT solution need a very quick turnaround time to have a first mover advantage.
  1. Being in the infant stage, security is also a major concern for stakeholders.
  1. Unnecessary bureaucracy is usually noticed, as several teams are involved in decision making.
  1. Seamless integration of the information collected from machines, data obtained from ERP systems, and the multi-level users results in the delayed implementation of the process.
  1. Scalability factor – The infrastructure developed must be rapidly scalable & capable of processing a large amount of data, esp., once the solutions are successfully prototyped or if companies increase the number of sensors/actuators or devices to be monitored.

Currently, many startups and SMEs are offering IoT solutions to various segments. Also, telcos are implementing low-power wide area network (LPWAN) like LoRa, Sigfox & NB-IoT dedicated for IoT applications. With Make In India, we may see a growth in manufacturing of semiconductors.

YUPS’ solutions are designed in-house which helps us achieve low cost target and make rapid prototypes. A well-equipped and experienced research and development team designs the devices to be easily compatible with multiple protocols used across the industry. The cloud platforms used in the solutions are chosen with respect to the initial business case analysis, which makes the solution scalable.

IoT India Magazine: What are the various services and offerings YUPS delivers?

PJ: We provide end-to-end IoT solutions which seamlessly integrate with industrial automation, process control, and telecom management. Using our sensing, computing and analytics technologies, we aim at connecting assets of enterprises and decision makers to get – a. immediate access to data from assets, b. faster time to market, and c. drive operational and business excellence.

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IoT India Magazine: YUPS innovates across domains such as Project Consultation to Manufacturing, Electronics Systems Design, IoT & M2M Solutions, Robotics Platform, and Interactive Experiential Installation. Do elaborate  on this.

PJ:Our innovation strategy mainly revolves around solving client’s problem using the design thinking approach. We try to empathize and find the core problem, as sometimes even the client is unaware of the core issue, following which we co-work along with the client till the end, to reduce iterations and deliver the right solution.

Pratik jani receiving the Hot 100 Race to Grace Award

IoT India Magazine: Please provide a case study where you helped your clients with your innovative IoT offerings?

PJ: Problems are not always solved by complicated algorithms and analytics. Sometimes a simple solution cumulates to larger benefit. For a telco, there are many network devices to be managed, and any fault in any device brings the whole network down. So, a ticket is raised with the support executive who forwards it to a field most of the times (50-60%) the problem is solved by resetting the device (switching it OFF and then ON). So, our solution retrofits to the devices, enabling provision to reset, right from the support executive’s dashboard when the ticket is raised. It also measures & monitors other parameters which can cause device failure like improper electrical grounding. This saves considerable operational costs annually for the client, besides reducing the downtime faced by their customers.

IoT India Magazine: YUPS delivers its solutions across several industry verticals. Can you describe how your solutions are mapped to need of industry?

PJ: To customize the solution we follow a process which includes analyzing the problem, the business, the factors affecting the business, and stakeholders involved in the problem area. This gives us the clear picture of the business case.

Internally, we have modules developed for hardware comprising of the basic building blocks of IoT, which acquire data from assets & processes. These modules, which are developed after years of experience in embedded system development, can push data seamlessly over any cloud platform, enabling enterprises to use their own private cloud or any other popular cloud available as service. On the analytics and visualization front, we serve each business according to their priority; in terms of key parameters they wish to monitor, and role-based information retrieval.

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