Interview – Raj Mohan KK, CEO at Satvik

Datamatics Global Services entered into an alliance with Satvik to offer a combination of high-end and customized solutions in Business Analytics. Read the full story here.

Raj of Satvik talks with Analytics India Magazine on more about this alliance.


[dropcap style=”1″ size=”2″]AIM[/dropcap]Analytics India Magazine: How would you describe the objective and vision of the partnership with Datamatics?

[dropcap style=”1″ size=”2″]RMK[/dropcap]Raj Mohan KK: The main objective of the partnership is to offer customized full range of Consulting, Data Management and Business analytics solutions to the global market, hereby expanding the scope of Analytics offerings for both Satvik & Datamatics.

Our vision is to be customer centric and continuously leverage innovations in providing business solutions using analytics and technology to our global clients, by not just transforming the enterprise management experience but also effectively harnessing the power of Data. Our Data Management & Business Analytics solutions help organizations predict events, assess risk and guide faster decision-making. This enables organizations to do business in a much smarter way than they are used to be.

AIM: What are the specific areas of delivery, both from Satvik and Datamatics, which this partnership seeks to cover?

RMK: The core of Datamatics – Satvik partnership is to deliver world-class analytical solutions to global organizations leveraging on the strength of each entity. Datamatics is global organization with a high level of reputation of delivering Business and Information technology solutions. Satvik’s core competency is in delivering high quality consulting, data management and analytical solutions.

Datamatics is working with a large pool of global organizations and has a wide reach in marketing and sales across the globe.  Thus this partnership is leveraging this market reach of Datmatics with the high quality global delivery capability of Satvik.

AIM: What does Satvik typically look for in a partner before forging an alliance?

RMK: We, in Satvik, look at the Cultural compatibility, Management depth, Ethics and the complimentary capabilities while choosing a partner. Satvik promotes a commitment based work culture where high quality deliverables are sacrosanct. We chose organizations that can appreciate and complement this core competency of us for a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

AIM: What can we expect from this Partnership over the next year?

RMK: In the year one, we are looking for a wide client penetration mainly focusing in delivering few large deals.

Analytics, as an offering is going through very dynamic changes.  Organizations are no longer interested in just technology or mathematical model building capability. Organizations are looking for Smart business solutions, which can increase their top line and reduce the costs.

With our rich experience and thrust in Consulting, we are providing Smart business solutions to our clients by harnessing the power of data. So we will see execution of large-scale enterprise wide analytical implementations in the near future.

AIM: Besides, this partnership, what else can we expect to hear in near future?    

RMK: We are one of the few new age Analytics providers with high level of thrust on Business consulting and Technology. Though we have a high level competency in building complex mathematical models, we have developed a very differentiated process through with we very efficiently design Business solutions and deliver them through highly quality analytical and technology solutions.

With this differentiated and innovative approach, we will be executing large enterprise wide analytical solutions in near future.

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[spoiler title=”Biography of Raj Mohan KK” open=”0″ style=”2″]

Raj serves as the Founder and CEO of Satvik Labs Pvt Ltd since July 2007. Raj has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Consulting & Strategic Management in IT, ITES and Engineering Industries. Prior to joining Satvik, Raj served as the Partner – Director with A&B Consulting. Before becoming a partner with A&B Consulting, Raj held various senior Management Positions in Hyder Consulting, UK and Anderson Consulting.

Raj has been a Thought leader in the use of Data Mining for implementing complex Business Transformational programmes. He has been a speaker in many international forums in the areas of Mathematical Model building, Business Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data technologies etc.

Raj holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and Masters Degree in Management and Technology from IIT Delhi and University of Sunderland, and Advance Management Programme from Kellogg School of Management.[/spoiler]

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