Interview of the Week: Pranay Jain & Ravina Mutha, Founders at Mike Messenger

Team of Mike Messenger

When the world is witnessing a surfeit of apps, there is one company in the making which claims that once you install their messenger, you would never need other apps! The idea conceptualized by Pranay Jain and Ravina Mutha in the year 2015, Mike Messenger was designed keeping in mind the space constraints most users have on their phones today. Acting as an app for apps, Mike takes up only minimal space needed to function at par with others.

What exactly do they have to offer? How do they intend to achieve the feat they are claiming? Let’s find out the details by the team itself, as told to Analytics India Magazine.

[dropcap size=”2″]AIM[/dropcap]Analytics India Magazine:  Can you brief us about Mike Messenger, its makers and the team?

ab8a87_07d1b62fc6254327883b544192a8cc6a-mv2RAVINAMike was founded in the year 2015 and is based out of Maharashtra. Pranay, one of the founders, is an Economics and Finance major with a minor in Technology. His focus is to give the functionality and write logic for the UI and app, while I am responsible for judiciously allocating and utilizing all resources within MIKE.

Other than the founders there are two more leaders that are taking this venture forward- Sandeep who is a Software Engineer, with Natural Intelligence & great logical strategies, who looks after the Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence development, which serves as the base of their app and Mehul who is the Marketing Guru for MIKE. He designs and executes all the marketing campaigns and looks after Branding and PR. The technical team consists of 10 hardworking people who act as the backbone and work day and night towards the development of MIKE.

AIM: How has artificial intelligence been integrated with Mike?

PRANAY: We believe that messenger apps haven’t evolved as rapidly as the needs of people today and that they should be able to think and increase productivity for us. At MIKE, text has context and is actionable. MIKE uses Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning that lets you quickly set appointments, make reservations, create tasks and contacts, send information or an address and a lot more without you needing to switch applications or perform a separate google search or even open a calendar. [quote]We have trained our dataset on Indian context making us stand out and giving us a significant lead time over others.[/quote]

AIM: What are some of the unique features of Mike messenger?

RAVINA: MIKE understands your needs and is available with probable actions at your beck and call. From booking a restaurant table to movie tickets and even cabs. MIKE also allows you to convert your messages to tasks and set reminders. 

AIM: What major challenges you had to put up with during the making of Mike?

RAVINA:[pullquote align=”right”]All these are calculated risks for us and we have planned to handle them in such a way that minimizes their impact on our business.[/pullquote]One of the major challenges is that of pre-existing large players in the messenger market adding some similar features to their platform. Another risk is that of not being able to onboard users all at once. Lastly, there is a chance that users may perceive our app to be less secure than the pre-existing ones. 

AIM:  Tell us about the funding for your project. Was it easy to fetch?

PRANAY: We are self-funded with two angel investors, Neha Pawar and Abhijeet Pawar.

AIM:  How do you see the growth of Mike in future?

PRANAY: We have several corporate tie-ups with companies nationally. Certain companies have agreed to use our app as their most frequently used communication application, while others have distributed information through their intranet to promote our app as one of the “cool” upcoming apps to look out for. The future of Mike from here looks bright where we expect to on-board the maximum of our target market.

Learn and experience more about this intelligent and smart messenger that understands your communication and gives you instant options to put your thoughts from words to action at

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Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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