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Intuit To Hire Over 350 Engineers In India By 2022

Intuit To Hire Over 350 Engineers In India By 2022

Intuit To Hire Over 350 Engineers In India By 2022

Intuit, a global AI-powered platform that helps customers overcome critical financial challenges, has announced plans of expanding its team by adding over 350 engineers in the next twelve months.

With India having a large pool of skilled technology professionals, the company is looking to leverage that and grow its key tech capabilities to drive innovation. Intuit is currently working with 1000+ employees in India, and with these new hires, it aims to scale its engineering innovation happening across products. The offered job roles will be in the field of software engineering, product design, product management, data science, risk analytics, and data engineering roles, at entry, mid-level and senior positions. 


According to the news media, Saurabh Saxena, Intuit’s India Site Leader and Vice President of Product Development, stated that the company is looking to onboard professionals who have an innovative mindset to solve some of the pressing financial problems. Thus, Intuit is looking for professionals interested in AI, data science, cloud, open-source and natural language understanding.

Some of the key company goals are — to scale the intelligence of the products using a virtual expert platform and to leverage omnichannel commerce to increase small business growth. Additionally, Intuit is looking to enhance its customer experiences and communications at scale and improve developer productivity.

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With a vision of being an AI-powered expert platform, Intuit is looking to expand its team in India in order to address its 100 million customers worldwide.

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