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ISB’s Revamped Analytics Programme Can Push You to A Newer Height in Data Science & Analytics

ISB’s Revamped Analytics Programme Can Push You to A Newer Height in Data Science & Analytics

ISB Business Analytics

ISB Business Analytics While talk around Data Science & Analytics education is mostly centered around translating analytics into key insights, there is also another key facet to it that business leaders demand — converting data into a significant business advantage and smart solutions. Today, more than ever, Data Science & Analytics education has to be at the intersection of technology, statistics, and business. This implies that programmes/certifications have to go beyond the fundamental understanding of statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive modelling to make enterprises function better. In short, analytics has to lead to smarter business solutions.

So far, the narrative has been focused on short-term Data Science & Analytics focused certifications that provide candidates with the technical know-how. In our opinion, having analytical skills can definitely help professionals complement their current skill set, but analytics alone isn’t sufficient enough in the business landscape that demands domain knowledge as well. This means, that an isolated focus on data and analytics with skills in analysing large datasets isn’t enough, what professionals also require is decision-making skills based on data analysis and how it can be translated to practical applications and solutions that match the organisation’s goals.

Our latest study highlighted the total number of analytics and data science job positions available in India are 97,000. Out of these, 97% job openings in India are on a full-time basis while 3% are part-time or contractual. And while knowledge of R and/or Python can definitely put one ahead of the pack, our study also highlighted the need for work-based learning opportunities which will help employees gain the necessary skills. The employers are looking for skilled resources who can be deployed on projects ASAP from the day of joining.

Besides, many companies have mentor-style programmes to help employees upgrade the skill-set needed at the workplace and align skills to business objectives. At a recent meetup, business leaders from fintech sector emphasised the need for aligning Data Science projects to business objectives as one of the factors for success.

Rise of Business Data Roles In Enterprises

While demand for analytics professionals continues to grow, there is also an increased demand for data-driven managers who can design strategies around data and more importantly bridge the gap between the technical and business teams. This demand has also pushed the salaries higher with median salaries for analytics jobs in India being higher than their peers in other industries, as per our study. Sectors such as finance, banking, e-commerce and healthcare have reported the highest number of openings for Business Analyst positions.

Keeping in line with the current industry demands, one of India’s premier B-schools, ISB has revamped its flagship programme — Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA) as Advanced Management Programme In Business Analytics (AMPBA).

The main difference between Business Analyst programme and technical Data Science focused certification is that while the short- or mid-term certification will provide the technical know-how, a BA programme provides the full-breadth of business and technical skills and also helps one understand how to apply these skills in today’s competing and fast growing business environment.

AMPBA pays off on both the front — the updated programme packs the rigour of the Data Science and Analytics programme along with management skills which helps the candidates gain a strategic perspective of the industry. In its newly launched revamped version, AMPBA that builds on the success of Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA) features an artificial intelligence module and three contemporary modules covering upcoming areas such as Blockchain, Fintech, Healthcare Analytics, Sports and Media Analytics and People Analytics.

“ISB’s Business Analytics programme is one of the most exhaustive executive level programmes that equips data science professionals with advanced skills required to make efficient decisions in today’s dynamic business landscape. It is a career-enriching programme that provides rigorous theoretical and practical training, on data management, programming, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The critical aspects of the programme are top-notch faculty, world-class campus facilities and industry speaker series, who bring the latest research, best practices and domain knowledge to the diverse mix of students’. Continuing on our commitment to provide the best education, with this intake, we have restructured the programme to further enhance the student’s learning and industry preparedness by adding modules on contemporary topics and current advances in data science,” said Manish Gangwar, Associate Professor, Marketing and Executive Director, Advanced Statistics and Computing Lab, Indian School of Business.  

The 17 months programme offered in a hybrid format (Classroom & Online) is conceptually intensive and provides a hands-on learning experience. In fact, the programme has an experiential learning component which is delivered through Industry expert lectures, Action Learning projects performed under the guidance of a faculty and industry mentors that help candidates understand the concepts from a practitioner’s perspective.

5 Reasons Why ISB Is Well Positioned To Deliver The Goods

Hybrid Learning Model: The hybrid learning model enables students to fulfill their career goal without compromising on the day job. The programme is designed in such a way that students can maximize the learning opportunity through technology-aided platform and classroom sessions.

Pracademician Culture: A pracademic is someone who is both an academic and an active practitioner in their subject area. The faculty who engage in the programme are pracademicians. The pedagogy is to combine Reflective Practice with Academic Scholarship. The premier B-school is also one of the first to pursue high-quality research. ISB faculty has published in over 70 top-tier journals in different management areas.

Peer-learning concept: Each and every student at the ISB is unique and exceptional. The rich and diverse experiences of the participants in developed and emerging economies makes the learning experience even more exciting. Networking with peers who are from varied academic and industry backgrounds provides the participants with insights into corporate practices different from their own.

With its strong alumni network and a wide range of activities like seminars, networking and social events, candidates can tap into the strong alumni base and capitalize on learning and professional opportunities.

Industry Engagement: The programme has been co-created with leading industry practitioners to ensure it is in line with the current demands. Besides that, they have also given their inputs on curriculum, data sets, projects to keep the course relevant to industry needs.

Experiential Learning experience: Practical learning is at the heart of this programme which includes Capstone project, mini-projects, real-life case studies, action-based learning and simulations to help students apply classroom concepts to real-world problems.  

Hard Facts

Mode: Hybrid (Online & Classroom)

Duration: 15 months

Tools: R, Python, MySQL, Tableau, BigData, MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Advanced Excel.

Prerequisite: 2 years of work experience & Bachelor or master’s degree in engineering, Technology, Statistics, Mathematics, Science

Admissions are open for the next session. To apply click here


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