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ISRO eyes to visit Venus, NASA could partner with ISRO for this mission

ISRO eyes to visit Venus, NASA could partner with ISRO for this mission

India will soon witness a new bold inter-planetary sojourn and the first of it kinds, as it plans to go to the Venus and this could be first ever ISRO-Venus mission. If reports are to be believed, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is attempting to undertake its mega launch where it is intending to place a humongous 104 satellites in space in a single mission. India could become the first ever country to have tried to hit a century in a single mission.

ISRO which plans to put 104 satellites on Feb 15, three would be from India and the remaining 101 from other countries. It is slated to be launched using Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Israel, Switzerland, UAE, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and USA are some of the other countries who would be launching their satellites in the polar orbit.  

With India finishing its first mission the Mars in 2013, Indian astronomical journey has been for a major boost, a 23% increase in this year’s budget dedicated to space being one of the indications of this progress. The budget also mentions a provision for "Mars Orbiter Mission II and Mission to Venus", giving a clear indication of the country’s interest on exploring Mars a second time and making a maiden journey to Venus.

As India plans a second mission to Mars in 2021-22 and putting a robot (rover) on the surface of the Red Planet, as a part of another orbiter mission, India also plans to visit Venus, the second planet in the Solar system. It would be very much similar to the first mission to Mars.

Reports suggests that NASA would be willing to partner with India’s mission to Venus. The voyage to Venus could be a worthwhile attempt as very little has been explored about the planet till now and it could open new avenues to the space missions. The talk between NASA and ISRO has already taken a step ahead and they are looking to jointly undertake studies on using electrical propulsion for powering this mission.

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  • The maiden mission to Venus is speculated to be similar to Mangalyaan mission before.
  • NASA is in talks with ISRO for the voyage to Venus
  • This year’s budget has a mention if "Mars Orbiter Mission II and Mission to Venus" hinting the 23% rise in funds towards ISROs journey to Mars and Venus

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