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ISRO invites proposal for space experiments to boost up its Venus Mission

ISRO invites proposal for space experiments to boost up its Venus Mission

Srishti Deoras

The Space enthusiast across the country will get to explore their skills as ISRO has announced an opportunity for Space Based Experiments to study Venus. An Announcement of Opportunity (AO), announced by the prestigious organization invites proposal from scientists across the country.

ISRO states that Venus is often described as the “twin sister” of the Earth, given the similarities in size, mass, density, gravity etc. Apparently, they also share a common origin and dating back to 4.5 billion years.

With a growing interest in Venus since the early 1960s, there has been various innovations and experimentations around Venus, with the talks of ISRO even partnering with NASA to visit the planet.

“Venus has been explored by flyby, orbiter, a few lander missions and atmospheric probes. In spite of great progress made in exploring Venus, there still exist gaps in our basic understanding about surface/subsurface features and processes, super rotation of Venusian atmosphere and its evolution and interaction with solar radiation/solar wind”, said ISRO.

To address the same, they have invited proposals from interested scientists, across all institutions within India for novel space based experiments. Every candidate, whether involved in planetary exploration studies, development of space instruments or those willing to develop the experiments, can be a participant.

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“The payload capability of the proposed satellite is likely to be 175 kg with 500W of power. However, these values are to be tuned based on the final configuration. The proposed orbit is expected to be around 500 x 60,000 km around Venus.  This orbit is likely to be reduced gradually, over several months to a lower apoapsis”, said ISRO.

The last date for receiving the proposal is 19 May 2017 and here is a detailed note on how to submit the proposal.

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