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ISRO Invites Tech Proposals For Human Space Program

ISRO Invites Tech Proposals For Human Space Program

ISRO Invites Tech Proposals For Human Space Program

The Indian Space Research Organisation is now inviting proposals for the development of indigenous technologies for sustained Indian human space program and space exploration.

The directorate of the human space programme of the city has sought proposals for 18 tentative technology development areas for its future human space flight missions.

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The concepts can range from food and medicine eaten by astronauts during low-earth space trips; to anti-radiation and thermal protection technologies for the spacecraft, life support systems for astronauts, and inflatable habitats to robotic interfaces during more complex missions.

The directorate said in its Announcement of Opportunity (AO) that ”Proposals are solicited from national research/academic institutions for developing affordable and indigenous cutting edge technologies for human survival in low earth orbits and beyond for space exploration.”

July 15 has been fixed as the last date for submission of proposals. The proposals include radiation hazards characterisation and mitigation techniques, space food and related technologies, human-robotic interfaces, environmental control, and life support systems, human psychology for long term missions and simulated gravity technologies.

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According to the AO — the principal investigator of the proposal would provide necessary details and usage of technology or solution for human space programs which would bridge the gap in terms of affordability and indigenisation, also capability of developing a space-qualified payload or solution.

According to ISRO, it shall constitute a Selection Committee for scrutiny the proposals, and the screening of the projects will be based on scientific benefits, relevance, technical content and feasibility perspective.

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