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ISRO to launch GSLV Mark-III in two months

ISRO to launch GSLV Mark-III in two months

That India is a leader in PSLV is a known fact. And now India is going to add another feather in its cap with the proposed launch of its most powerful rocket, GSLV Mark-III in another two months. According to news reports, GSLV Mark-III is the country’s most powerful launch vehicle, revealed senior space scientist and ex-programme director of ISRO professor T.G.K. Murthy.

Speaking at a conference in Kolkata, “Advances in Science and Technology”, Murthy said, “In a couple of months, we are going to launch GSLV Mark-III. We are going to launch four satellites from the Indian soil in the near future”.

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Of late, ISRO has been successfully testing the high-thrust cryogenic technology that is used in the launch vehicle, GSLV Mark-III, revealed the space scientist. Up next, there is also a satellite study in the pipeline called Aditya-L1. According to the space scientist, India will launch a satellite with one payload to study the sun and monitor global climate change.

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If you thought ISRO works alone, you are wrong. ISRO in partnership with industry startups and academicians is going to take charge of the global climate change. “India is going to take 10-15% share of the global space market”, and ISRO is having global customers as our research occupy pre-eminence in the world,” said the eminent space scientist.

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