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ISRO’s first ever human space flight may soon be a reality

ISRO’s first ever human space flight may soon be a reality

After all the stellar achievements that ISRO has fetched so far, its update on preparing for India’s first launch vehicle that could put humans in space has brought some good news for all the space lovers in the country.

The third generation vehicle GSLV by ISRO is under development and if everything turns out well, it can be used as human flights later on. The space center is churning out all the efforts to build out GSLV Mark III, which is a complex vehicle.

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The team is working relentlessly on building up the vehicle by overcoming all the shortcomings they had witnessed in their earlier vehicles. They are implementing new designs and manufacturing ideas, leading to launch of the vehicle, made of India’s first cryogenic engine.

Further developments-

Earlier during the launch of GSLV Mark II in 2014, which was a major breakthrough for ISRO, it had used cryogenic engine made in India which was a re-engineered rendition of the Russian cryogenic engines.  

The Department of Space has granted a space project worth Rs 10 crore to ISRO, that would allow the latter to refuel spacecraft, eventually leading it to have a better and longer life. This will in turn help in transferring humans to the space stations and bring them back.

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Technologically termed docking and berthing, it would allow the two space vehicle to attach in the orbit and transfer material between them.

ISRO had recently created a record of launching 103 satellites earlier this year and has also shown keen interest in visiting Venus in the near future.

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