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Jigsaw Academy Launches Cyber Security Program With HackerU

Jigsaw Academy Launches Cyber Security Program With HackerU

In a recent development, Jigsaw Academy, a Manipal Global investee company, launched a new Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Blue Team) program in association with HackerU, Israel’s premier cybersecurity training provider.

Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Blue Team) is the first program in India that focuses on defensive cybersecurity technologies that will help learners detect an attack, collect forensic data, perform data analysis, and make modifications to avoid future attacks and mitigate threats.

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Many reports have suggested a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks and breaches across organisations, especially during pandemic. To combat this, the need for cybersecurity measures is more than ever before. Many organisations are looking for cybersecurity experts but are facing a scarcity in finding the right talent.

The program is meticulously designed to train the candidates from the best faculty and experts from Jigsaw Academy and Israel. It focuses on integrating real-world projects and training exercises to provide the hands-on experience

Ariel Cohen, the CEO, HackerU Global Education, said, “Defensive cybersecurity in one of the most secure and high-income professions in the cyber world. 85% of the job openings in the cybersecurity domain are for Cyber Defenders, who are also known as Blue Team professionals. This program will help learners build and protect the infrastructure of a company while also helping them comprehend how to attack it and protect the company from vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.”

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The program is for a duration of more than 520 hours and classes will be conducted as online live sessions. It will make a candidate equipped in concepts such as cyber/network security. Virtualisation, managing network services such as DNS & DHCP, cloud services, AWS, Google cloud platform and more.

Gaurav Vohra, CEO & Co-Founder of Jigsaw Academy, said, “Amidst the pandemic, cyber security experts have become the need of the hour for every organisation, in every sector Cyber security job opportunities constitute 15.6% of the emerging technologies open jobs pool. Our new Master Certificate in Cyber Security (Blue Team) program aims to help individuals in becoming proficient in defensive cyber security techniques and kick start their career in the cyber realm.”

Jigsaw Academy recently launched a program on people analytics and digital HR in collaboration with IIM Indore to prepare the workforce with changes that COVID has brought in workplaces.   

Program starts: 14 September 2020

Know more about the program here.

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