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John Gikopoulos Joins Infosys As Global Head For AI And Automation

John Gikopoulos Joins Infosys As Global Head For AI And Automation


In an interesting move, Infosys has taken on board former IPsoft director John Gikopoulos as the new global head for Artificial Intelligence and Automation Business unit, reported ET.

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Gikopoulos was a partner at McKinsey & Company before joining IPsoft. There, he worked on IPsoft’s Cognitive unit in Europe. He worked on delivering AI solutions to global, European headquartered conglomerates in the areas of banking, telecom, insurance, retail, procurement and Industry, among others. His LinkedIn bio also says that he achieved automation rates in excess of 85 percent with improved customer satisfaction for key customer and internal interfacing processes.

Speaking to an online tech magazine, Gikopoulos said that currently, Infosys is working with global clients to use AI to address numerous business challenges. He also added that they are developing “solutions based on AI and our KBE platform to solve complex problems in the engineering space.”

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He said, “We have seen a clear link between an organisation’s revenue growth and its AI maturity too, with those organisations reporting faster growth in revenue are typically more likely to be further ahead when it comes to AI maturity.”

Gikopoulos has been one of the few top-tier management hired from outside after Infosys CEO Salil Parekh took on his new role earlier this year in January.

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